Modern Greenhouses in Kenya

Advancement in technology has brought the introduction of highly effective greenhouse structures. The productivity in these modern structures is highly maximized due to smart modern greenhouses in Kenya.

Greenhouses in Kenya by Aqua Hub Kenya

Our Modern Greenhouses are available in various sizes provided in dimensions of length and width. Made of various integrated components that offer a high strength, resistant and durable structure which can last for 15–20 years.

Components of our Modern Greenhouses

  • The components include UV treated polythene which resists UV radiation and insulates heat in the greenhouse.
  • Galvanized Steel profiles and bars – provides strength and support to the structure. Steel metals resists corrosion and harsh weather conditions.
  • Shade nets or ventilation materials – Offer mesh surfaces for temperature regulation or air exchange.

Which Plants for modern greenhouses?

The most common plants that do well in modern greenhouses are flowers species such as roses, orchids, and tulips. Vegetables can also thrive well in greenhouses due to faster growth rate under optimal growing conditions. For instance, tomato, cucumber, capsicum and peppers are known profitable vegetable.

Modern Greenhouse Types in Kenya

High Tunnel greenhouses

Greenhouses are nowadays built with high tunnel shaped roofs to offer maximum room for natural ventilation and air circulation. The structures are normal simple wooden structures or galvanized steel profiles with polythene covers on top. Sizes vary from smaller single structures to multi-span structures.

Hydroponic Greenhouses

Greenhouses that are suitable for growing hydroponic plants. The structure is integrated with hydroponic systems that cover the entire inner part. Greenhouse polythene covers the outer part together with the ventilations enhances temperature control. These greenhouses are suitable for propagation of leafy greens, herbs, and vine crops such as tomato and cucumbers.

Modern Greenhouses in Kenya
Vented Greenhouses

Modern greenhouses that have tunnel shaped roof with extra ventilation on one side of the roof. It consists of normal greenhouse structures with polythene covers and galvanized steel bars or wooden pole support.

How to Choose a Suitable Greenhouse for Your Crops

  • Consider the type of crops you want to grow – Some greenhouse designs are meant for specific crops. Vented designs for instance are good for high shade loving crops.
  • Consider the size of a modern greenhouse that suits your plants.
  • Where to locate your greenhouse is another thing to consider. The ground needs to be a flat surface.
  • Water availability is a major issue to consider. Ensure you have a reliable water supply nearby to provide clean water for irrigation.
  • Consider the budget you have set aside for building your greenhouse.

Irrigation Systems for Modern Greenhouses in Kenya

Drip Irrigation

It has direct water delivery to the roots of plants and huge impact on water conservation. Less water goes to each plant and reaches the required amount with consequent drops over time. The layout of drip irrigation depends on the type of greenhouse you want to install in.

Fogging Systems

Foggers produce fine sprays to create a cool humid environment for a variety of greenhouse crops. The moisture can be absorbed by the soil for plant usage.

Ebb and Flow Systems

Irrigation systems that flood and drain growing beds, providing plants with water and nutrients. The irrigation systems can also enhance fertilizer balance and oxygen presence in soil.

Why you need smart Irrigation Systems in Greenhouses

Maximum water supply to crops

Irrigation systems consist of well-connected pipes and fittings which deliver water to plants.

Proper weed control

It is much easier and efficient to lower weed growth in greenhouses. Smart irrigation methods prevent heavy weed development thus allowing maximum crop development.

Uniform distribution of moisture and fertilizer to all crops

Water and fertilizers can easily reach all lines of crops. Irrigation systems emitters or sprayers deliver water to all sections of the greenhouse and thereby reaching all plants.

Proper Cooling and temperature control

Some irrigation systems such as misters and foggers provide cool conditions prevent excess heat and suffocation of crops in greenhouses.

Cost of Modern Greenhouses in Kenya

The prices cost varies as per the size of our greenhouses.

Size Cost (KES)
8 x 15 M210,000
8 X 24 M275,000
8 x 30 M330,000
16 x 30 M600,000

Modern Greenhouse Supplier in Nairobi

We are the reliable dealer of modern greenhouses in Kenya with custom sizes and quality designs at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to construct a modern greenhouse structure?

KES 200,000 to KES 1,000,000 depending on the size.

Which crops can be grown in a Greenhouse Structure?

Vegetables: Kales, carrots, tomato, capsicum, cucumbers, peas, basil, spinach and leafy greens.
Fruits such as strawberry, pumpkins, watermelons, and berries.
Flowers such as roses, herbs, ferns, etc…

Which type of greenhouse is cheaper?

Wooden greenhouses are the cheapest greenhouse types. Wood is easily available and cheaper to buy thus making them affordable

Do you conduct greenhouse installation?

Yes. We charge affordable prices for greenhouse construction depending on the size of the greenhouse.

How can I venture into greenhouse farming in Kenya?

Start by conducting research on greenhouse farming so that you know the requirements, cost and best greenhouse you need. Visit or consult the best greenhouse dealers for information and prices of materials. We will provide you with
We are the reliable supplier and installer of greenhouses in Kenya.

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Modern Greenhouses in Kenya

Modern Greenhouses in Kenya

Advancement in technology has brought the introduction of highly effective greenhouse structures. The productivity in these modern structures is highly maximized due to smart modern

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