Metal Framed Greenhouses in Kenya

In Kenya, metal framed greenhouses are famous for their effectiveness in production of tomato, capsicum, vegetable, herbs, flowers, and strawberries.
Aqua Hub Kenya is the best dealer in greenhouse metal frames and polythene covers. Our frames & polythene covers are galvanized and durable for a long time.

Metal framed Greenhouse Structure

Greenhouses can be made of aluminium or steel metal frames on their walls and roofs. Metal framed greenhouses blend well with the environment to enhance stability and optimum growth conditions for crops.

Parts of a Metal Framed Greenhouse

  1. Walls – The walls consist of a polyethylene covering film and metallic structure holding it. Polythene plastic film is flexible and can fit to any greenhouse shape and design. The material is UV resistant and withstands all the harsh environmental conditions.
  2. Surface – The surface can be mulches or other moisture conservation techniques.
  3. Roofs – The roof is supported by steel or aluminium metal frames which are galvanized to resist corrosion. These metals are strong and durable. Polythene covers are primary materials for of the roof structure.
  4. Ventilation – The air exchange position which contains insect nets that allow air and light to enter and traps insects, dust and objects.
  5. Crop Support System – Stakes and holders that support twining crops.
  6. Water supply system – Drip irrigation system for irrigation of greenhouse crops.

Types of Metal Framed Greenhouses

There are two types of metallic greenhouses: single-span and multiple span greenhouses.
What is the difference between single-span and multiple-span greenhouse?
Single span greenhouses are single metal greenhouses while multiple spans are those that are connects to cover a large area and save space and materials.
Under these categories the length and number of structures are considered, and both have various design shapes.

Which is better, Single-Span or Multiple Span?

Multi-span greenhouses are better than single span due to;

  • Larger volume of air, which moderates microclimate variations caused by sudden changes in weather.
  • Greater usable greenhouse area per unit ground area.
  • Higher work efficiency because of the possibility to use machinery, and easier movement.
  • The smaller ratio of cover area to ground area reduces energy loss when the greenhouse heats up.

Designs of Single and Multiple Span Metal Framed Greenhouses in Kenya

  1. Vent Greenhouses
    Vent greenhouses have a tunnel shape but with extensive ventilation on the roof. One side of the roof is taller than the other side and the gap between them is a ventilation. The ventilation cover is an insect net and at times contains closable windows made of polythene covers.
  2. Tunnel or Arch greenhouse
    Metal framed Greenhouses with a round or U-shaped roof. The structure has arch metal bars that curve on the top roof to form hemispherical shapes. This design is to prevent wind and rain effects on the polythene cover on the roof. The vent is either on one or both sides of the wall.
Metal Framed Greenhouses in Kenya

What is the Cost of metal-frame greenhouses in Kenya?

Size in Square meters Cost in (KES.)
8mx15mKES. 200,000
8mx24mKES. 270,000
8×30KES.  340,000
16×30KES. 650,000

AQUA HUB LTD has all the standard dimensions of metal framed greenhouses at affordable prices above. We can also help you build custom large and small sizes at negotiable prices.

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