Insect Nets in Kenya

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Insect Nets in Kenya for Solar Dryers
Insect Nets in Kenya for Solar Dryers
Insect Nets for Ventillation
Insect Nets in Kenya​

Why Insect nets?| Insect Nets in Kenya

Insect Nets in Kenya |Most farmers incur losses resulting from insects such as locusts and small animals such as rats and mice. With recently witnessed cases of genetic mutation, insects are becoming resistant to pesticides, hence organic means of avoiding them is necessary. With insect nets the impact of these plant damaging organisms is lowered. Insect nets are chemically treated nets designed with holes to keep off insects from plants in greenhouses. They are normally fixed on the walls of greenhouses and places where insects can penetrate through.

Uses of Insect Nets

Anti Insect Nets are used in greenhouses to protect plants from insects that feed on plants such as aphids, locusts invasion and army worms and birds.

• Insect nets are used to remove moisture from grains in Solar dryers. 


Features of Insect Nets

  • UV resistance – They are made from manufactured UV treated material to reduce the impact of the sun rays on plants.
  • Durability -Insect nets are made of hard plastic which can function for up to 6 years before they are worn out.
  • Dimensions – Insect nets can be manufactured in various dimensions and practical sizes. ( 3 m x 50 m & 5.5 m x 30 m)
  • Color- They are usually  white color 

Insect Net Prices in Kenya

Insect Net TypeMeasurement(m)Price (Sq. m)
Lower Thickness  3m x 50mKES.90 
  5.5 x 30KES.90 
High Thickness  3m x 50mKES. 110 
  5.5m x 50mKES. 110 

Where to Buy Insect Nets in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has quality effective UV treated nets that will guarantee you quality produce. Our prices are cheap as compared to other Supplies. Always consider quality first when purchasing your farm products. We also deal in Shade nets, greenhouse covers, dam liners and irrigation pipes.
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Anti-Insect Nets?

  • Hole Size  ( 0.9 mm x 0.7 mm)
  • GSM -82
  • Light transmission – 87%
  •  Made of recyclable polyethene



3mtrs(width)*50mtrs(length), 2.5mtrs(width)*50mtrs(length),

2.5mtrs(width)*100mtrs(length), 5.5mtrs (width)*30mtrs(length)

40% mesh


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  • They are UV Treated
  • They are white in color
  • They come in (3m x 50 m) and (5.5 m x 30 m)
  • Greenhouse construction both wooden and metallic.
  • Net houses.
  • Research in screenhouse trials.
  • Keep dangerous insects at bay.
  • Keep beneficial insects inside.
  • Reduce pesticide use (food safety).
  • Diffuse light to save money.
  • Better harvest.
  • The temperature drops less.
  • KES. 90/-  per sq. metre

Insect  Nets are of two types 

  • Hard Fabric –KES. 110/– Per sq.m
  • Soft Fabric – KES. 90/- Per sq.m

Anti Insect nets by Aqua Hub Kenya

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