Insect Nets for Greenhouses

Insect nets for greenhouses provides better growth conditions for growing of crops, seedlings, trees and herbs. Despite the high temperatures inside the greenhouses, insects can still survive and destroy crop produces immensely.

Why We Recommend Insect Nets in Kenya

Use of chemicals in greenhouses can be effective to lower pests but is not an environmentally friendly method. The effect of chemicals is on the soil fertility, water contamination and air pollution which leads to hunger and diseases.
The best alternative of preventing insects is to apply insect netting in greenhouse farming. Hereby, insect nets can work as shields to insects and pests while allowing air exchange at the same time.

What Kind of Insects to Choose?

Insect Nets for Greenhouses

To get the best net for your greenhouse, you should know the notorious insects and pests that normally affect crops in greenhouses and farms. The common insects and pests include;

  1. Aphids – Aphids are small white pests that feed on leave sap. They destroy the leaves hence causing stunted growth and lower production in plants. They attack cauliflowers, beans, maize, vegetables, and fruits.
  2. Thrips – These are insects that attack leaves and flowers of vegetables, fruits, and flowers.
  3. Whitefly – Sucks the saps and spreads diseases to fruits and vegetables.
  4. Cutworms – Cutworms damage small young seedlings and growing plants.

Other insects to prevent include beetles, maggots, flies, snails, army worms, and stalk borers. You can also protect plants from mice, rats, squirrels, and birds using insect nets.

Greenhouse Insect Net Structure and Features

The insect net material is a woven High Density Polythene material netting. The compounds of HDPE materials are UV stable, meaning they can withstand high effects of Sunlight radiation.
Similarly, the net resists cold and rainy conditions and with its waterproof threads it only allows small air and water amounts to enter the crop fields. This is important to reduce the effect of winds and heavy rain effects on your crops.

How to Install insect Nets on Your Greenhouse

You can install insect nets on your greenhouse using clips or permanently fixing them onto the greenhouse structure using nails.
To permanently install an insect net on your greenhouse, cut the net to fit the dimension of your ventilation. Then pull the net and fix it onto the structure using nails or wiggle wires.

Cost of Insect Nets for Greenhouses

We sell insect nets at KES. 110 per square meter.

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