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Aqua Hub Kenya is a Green House and irrigation Company in Kenya.

Greenhouses in Kenya | Irrigation Systems | Water Harvesting Using Dam Liners

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Aqua Hub Kenya is Kenya’s leading greenhouse construction company. We serve farmers with the best quality services.

Aqua Hub Kenya with its brand promise of “water conservation,” We are an innovative and integrated one-stop Greenhouse Kenya & Irrigation company in Kenya

What we Do

Greenhouse Construction, shade Nets for Nurseries , Drip Irrigation systems, Water Harvesting using Dam liners, Sprinklers, Rain guns, Insect nets, Bird nets, HDPE Pipes & Fittings, PVC Pipes & Fittings, Button Drip Irrigations, Lawn Irrigations using Pop UP Sprinklers, Rain Hose Irrigation & Water Pumps

Irrigation Systems Kenya

Irrigation Systems

Increase your production and save water with our custom-made Greenhouses

Our sizes and scope range from 8 by 15 meters to 16 by 30 meters with different components and prices.We conduct pre-visit | soil testing & execution upon payments. Our package has agronomical support from transplanting to harvesting.

Where every drop counts.
We offer farmers the best and most affordable drip irrigation kits

Our irrigation systems are vast and reliable to Kenya farmers. We have various packages for the following:

Onion farming | Avocado farming | Cabbage farming | Watermelon farming | Strawberry farming | Beans farming | Passion fruit farming | Tree tomato farming| | Potato farming | Capsicum Farming | Apple Farming | French beans farming | Paw paw farming in Kenya.

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Modern & Top Rated Greenhouses

Quality Irrigation Systems

Greenhouse Construction in 4 days

Farming Insights

Farming is a journey, it requires resilience and consistence throughout the farming cycle. Learn more from our journey of interacting with farmers through our latest posts.

Why We do

As an SDG-oriented social enterprise, we are dedicated to increasing household incomes, ensuring food security, and assisting farmers in building resilience to climate-related shocks. We accomplish this using climate-smart irrigation systems.

How We Do

We carry out our site visits to establish the need of the farmer and also to collect samples incase of soil testing. We charge KES. 3,000 sites visits ” Refundable upon payment of the project”.

Farm plan is key we help our farmers develop the latest farm designs, Greenhouse designs and advise on various factors such climate response con the structure, Drainage systems and for the case of greenhouse sheet type and shade nets we recommend the required type for the given area.

We furnish our clients with quotations and the prevailing  discounted market rates for the materials.

The customer approves the quote and make the partly payments as agreed

Once the payments are done . We do the necessary fabrications and deliver the materials to the site. Installations begin ASAP to meet the agreed datelines given by our clients.

How long does it take to install a greenhouse?

Greenhouse Size, price & Installation Period   
Metallic Greenhouses    
WidthLengthConstruction costInstallation period
8 Meters15 Meters240,0002 – 3 Days
8 Meters24 Meters270,0003 – 4 Days
8 Meters30 Meters365,0004 – 6 Days
 16 Meters30 Meters700,0005 – 7 Days

How long does it take to install a wooden greenhouse?

Greenhouse Size, price & Installation Period   
Wooden Greenhouses    
Greenhouse widthGreenhouse lengthCost of ConstructionInstallation period
8 Meters15 Meters165,0002 – 3 Days
8 Meters24 Meters180,0003 – 4 Days
8 Meters30 Meters240,0004 – 6 Days
16 Meters30 Meters390,0005 – 7 Days

After installation is successful, we hand over our project to our clients.

We shall also offer to train on various areas for our clients to understand how to use drip kits, in case of roll ups for ventilations we also train them when to open and close.

N/B. Agronomical support is at an extra charge.

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