Bird Nets in Kenya

Bird nets in Kenya. Nets are applied in agriculture to increase production rates. Just like insects, birds have been a huge challenge in crop production leading to food insecurity in the country.

Crops such as maize, millet, wheat, vegetables, grapes, citrus fruits, strawberries and apples are damaged by birds if not protected by bird nets hence reduced yield.

Bird Nets in Kenya by Aqua Hub
Bird Nets in Kenya by Aqua Hub

Bird Nets in Kenya by Aqua Hub

Aqua hub  Kenya is a dealer in agricultural nets and other related products.  

Our Bird Nets are used to keep birds away from farms or greenhouses. We have green and white bird nets made from threaded UV treated polyethene fabrics.

Bird Nets in Kenya

Uses of Bird Nets

Bird nets in Kenya can be used for many purposes. The common uses are:
  • Bird Nets are made of High Density Polythene(HDPE)material to prevent crops from birds interference.
  • They come in standard sizes of 4 x 50m 
  • Available in green and black
  •  Mainly used in the field and farms
  • Only allow pollinators such as bees to penetrate.
Available in:

Cost of Bird Nets in Kenya

The cost of Bird nets in Kenya is KES. 60/- per square meter at Aqua Hub Kenya.

Where to Buy Bird Nets in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has the quality and bad weather resistant Bird nets that can last for a long time. Our nets are within your budget.

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What are Bird Nets?

Bird nets shield your crops from bird and animal pests. Bird management is necessary to protect crops from harm. The best netting for this is a bird net, which is constructed of UV-treated monofilament material and is green in color.
Bird netting is the most effective and non-harmful way of bird control. It is intended to keep birds from causing harm to a specific region or building. Commercial, industrial, and residential settings can all benefit from bird netting.

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  • They are made of anti-UV polyethene material to prevent UV radiation in farms over a long time.  T
  • Have a white or green color
  • Bird nets fairly big pores for air entrance. 
  • It is available in 4M standard widths.
  • Bird nettings are used in greenhouses, shadehouses as side nets to prevent birds from damaging crops.
  • In fish ponds to block fish eating birds such as kingfisher.
  • In free range chicken breeding, as a fence and top netting.
  • A bird net can also be used as a fence and top netting to keep chicken and bird pests out of a small kitchen garden.
  • It’s humane – bird netting is made to cause no harm to the birds.
  • Effectiveness – bird netting is the most reliable and effective way of controlling birds.
  • Costs – Bird nets are cheap to acquire and maintain.
  • Prevent losses that could result from birds entering the field, farms or greenhouses.
  • Bird nets are long lasting thus cheap to maintain..

Anti-Bird Nets are the most effective nets for bird netting.

Aqua Hub Kenya is a well-known Bird Nets supplier, dealer, and installer. We have offices in both Nairobi and Eldoret. We are a dependable source for all of your agricultural inputs and management practices. For more information, call 0790719020.

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