Bird Net in Kenya: Prevent Bird Attacks on Crops

Bird net in Kenya. A Bird net is the smartest way to prevent birds such as pigeons from garden crops, fruits, and buildings. Quality bird nets are sold at Aqua Hub Kenya, a supplier of agricultural nets and irrigation systems.

Advantage of Bird Nets

Keeping birds from gardens is a step to enhance a higher yield in production. Scarecrows, chemicals, and traps can work, but they pollute the environment and kill or harm birds.

Best Bird Net

There are three different types of bird nets: tape knotless, thread knotless and thread knotted bird nets.
The thread knotted bird net is knitted with bindings or knots tied together. A thread knotted bird net is the best bird net in terms of strength, durability, and weight.

How to Choose Bird Nets

To get the best bird net for your crop protection, you should consider several factors. They include.


Our Bird Nets are HDPE knitted nets for agricultural use. The HDPE material is a UV-treated resin which can resist harmful ultraviolet radiation. This feature enhances the bird net to last for a long time.
A bird net can be recycled too and due to their UV resistance, they are long-lasting and strong.
HDPE and UV resistance enhances the quality of a bird net. Always consider new UV treated nets to avoid incurring costs buying new ones.

Weight and Thread

Bird nets differ in weight depending on the thread type and knitting. Heavier nets are strong and resistant to winds compared to light ones.

Mesh Size

The mesh size to choose will depend on the application of the net. If you are using it for agriculture, choose a mesh size of between 4-20 mm. On the other hand, a fish-pond bird net should have a mesh size of 20-50 mm.
For preventing all birds from the field use a smaller mesh size.


Different colours are available: black, green, and dark grey. Green colour is good for outlook and appearance. It can be visible to birds and maintains heat inside the plant fields.

Uses of Bird Nets

  1. Protecting garden plants and fruits from bird attack.
  2. Shielding roofs and compounds from birds.
  3. Fencing poultry farms to prevent eagles, vultures, and other chicken predators.
  4. Fish-ponds to prevent fish from eating birds.

Which Bird Net Structure is Better?

With bird nets you can use a permanent or temporary pole structure depending on your farming plants and type of crops to protect. In the case of long-term crop projects such as apples, grapes, oranges you may need a strong structure to hold your bird net. Galvanized Steel profiles are good poles to construct a long-term bird net structure. The steel profile is non-corrosive, strong and durable for a long time. This convenience is a guarantee to a structure that can withstand harsh weather, strong winds and hailstorms.
To protect short period crops such as cereals and vegetables you can use a temporary bird net structure. Temporary structures involve use of support stakes to hold bird nets on to the ground, wooden poles, and draping bird nets on top of fruits and tall crops.

Cost of Bird Net in Kenya

The cost of Bird nets in Kenya is KES 65 per square meter.
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