Metallic Greenhouse in Kenya

Metallic Greenhouse forms strong and viable greenhouses need to be built using strong materials to ensure they last long and withstand all environmental conditions. Steel profiles and wires are the best choice of materials for setting up a greenhouse structure.

Requirements to build Metallic Greenhouse in Kenya

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Metallic Greenhouse Price in Kenya


Greenhouse widthGreenhouse lengthNumber of cropsCost of ConstructionInstallation period
8 Meters15 Meters450 – 500KES.210,0002 – 3 Days
8 Meters24 Meters700-800KES.275,0003 – 4 Days
8 Meters30 Meters1000-1200KES.330,0004 – 6 Days
16 Meters30 Meters1500 – 2000KES. 600,0005 – 7 Days

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Joining and Construction of a Metallic Greenhouse

Measure the piece of land to construct the greenhouse and note dimensions. Clear the ground and dig it to make it flat. Purchase the requirements according to the size of greenhouse you want. Fix the Metal profiles to the ground using cement. Join the Steel profiles together using screws. Fasten the Polythene sheet on the roof of the structure using wiggle wires. Fit insect nets on the sides of the greenhouse to prevent insect nets. Dig planting holes. Install drip irrigation kits and water supply system.

Crops suitable for Greenhouse farming ​

Greenhouses are suitable for a variety of crops that need hot environment for growth. They include horticultural crops and fruits such as tomatoes, onions, flowers, grapes, maize, vegetables, and beans. Guide to greenhouse farming is also availabe at Aqua Hub Kenya

Where to Buy Metallic Greenhouses in Kenya

You should consider obtaining the most effective, quality-driven and affordable company to handle your greenhouse projects. Aqua Hub Kenya is the solution to your agricultural needs. We deliver and install efficient greenhouse kits to our customers. They kit come with Polythene covers available In yellow and white, insect nets, profiles and wiggle wires, pipes and gutters.
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Type of GreenhouseSize in Square meters Cost in (KES.)
 8 m × 15 mKES. 200,000
 Metallic greenhouse8 m × 24 mKES. 250,000
 8 m x30mKES.  330,000
 16 m × 30 mKES. 590,000
  • Tomatoes
  • Capsicum
  • Cucumbers
  • Horticultural flowers
  • Pest and Diseases
  • High Cost of construction

KES. 240,000 to KES.1,500,000. The structure and the design are the determinant of the actual price.

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