Greenhouse materials in Kenya

Greenhouse materials in Kenya |Greenhouses are built using the combination of various materials to make up a structure which is strong to hold the greenhouse polythene cover. These materials come in various prices depending on the supplier and the market prices.

Greenhouse materials in Kenya by Aqua Hub

Currently, Aqua Hub Kenya is the best supplier of Greenhouse materials when it comes to cost, quality, construction, and reliability. We convey the information necessary to clients who intend to try greenhouse farming venture. We also ensure they make the right choice of greenhouse sizes, design, and place to set their greenhouses.

Types of Greenhouses

  • Wooden Greenhouses – Wooden Greenhouses are made of wooden poles structures attached with nails and covered with polythene greenhouse covers.
  • Metallic Greenhouses Metallic Greenhouses require metallic structures attached with screws and polythene sheet covering on top fastened with wires.

Building Materials for Greenhouses

The basic building materials for greenhouses are:

Metallic greenhouses

  • Steel metal rods
  • Plastic polythene sheet or films
  • Metals screws
  • Cement, sand, and ballast
  • Insect nets

Wooden (Simple Greenhouse)

  • Wooden Poles
  • Timber for roofing (Round shaped or Frames)
  • Polythene greenhouse cover
  • Iron Nails
  • Insect nets

Which type of Greenhouse to Choose?

The choice of greenhouse structures to start for your farming depends on the budget you have. Metallic greenhouses are expensive and costlier than wooden greenhouses.
However, metallic greenhouses are more stable and long-lasting compared to wooden greenhouses. This is because wooden greenhouses get damaged easily when wooden poles decay or decomposed by termites.

How to make Wooden greenhouses last long

Low budget clients can however still choose to settle for wooden greenhouses and enhance proper maintenance. Wooden greenhouses are still profitable and can last for up to five years before they start getting vulnerable to damage.
Wooden greenhouses can be sustainable under various construction measures:

  • Painting wooden poles to prevent termites.
  • Using Steel or painted wires to hold greenhouse polythene.
  • Using Cement and sand to hold poles to the ground for firmness.
  • Ensuring holes are dug 2 feet to the ground

Prices of Greenhouse Materials in Kenya (Aqua Hub)

Metallic Greenhouse

Size (Square meters)Cost (KES)
8mx15mKES. 200,000
8mx24mKES. 270,000
8×30KES.  340,000
16×30KES. 650,000

Wooden Greenhouse

Size (Square meters)Cost (KES)
8mx15mKES. 165,000
8mx24mKES. 180,000
8×30KES. 240,000
16×30KES. 360,000

Contact us for consultation and orders of greenhouse materials. Choose Aqua Hub Kenya for construction of your stable greenhouses.
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