Button Drip Irrigation

Button Drip irrigation in Kenya by Aqua Hub

Button drip Irrigation is an irrigation system which uses button drippers  to water plants. Button drippers are small plastic lids that are have holes placed evenly on it to allow water to flow out in drip sprays. The lids can be opened or closed to regulate the flow of water.

Components of Button Drip System

Types of Button Drippers

  1. Adjustable Button Drippers – Button drippers that can be regulated by opening the drip button lid to allow more water to flow out of the holes or closing the lid to reduce or stop the water flow. The rate of water flowing out is flexible, hence can be increased or reduced.
  2. Non-adjustable Button Drippers – Button drippers that are fixed and cannot be adjusted. The rate of water flow is constant.

How to Use Button Drippers

  • Check the water levels in the water source or tanks.
  • Open the water connection from the tanks or start the water pumps.
  • Open any closed valves in main lines for water to reach drip lines.
  • Adjust the button drippers for a regulated control of water flow.
  • Close the water connection once all plants have been adequately watered.

Crops irrigated Using Button Drippers

  • Coffee
    Coffee irrigation is done best by using button drippers. Coffee grows shallow roots that discourage coffee cultivation in low rainfall areas thus the need for drip irrigation.
  • Apples
    Similarly, apples require high water for maximum production. Use of button drippers guarantees enough water distribution to apple plants due to high pressure.
  • Kei Apple fences
    Kei-apple fences need to be hydrated to grow tall and thick for compound fences. Button drippers can be used for Kei-apple seedlings or grafted ones.
  • Orchards
    Button drippers are suitable for small gardens and orchards since they are sold in quantities that can fit small dimensions of land size.


Requirements for an Acre of Farm (Button Dripper irrigation)

Type of Crop grown

Liners per bed

Size of Pipe required



3000 m







Button Dripper Prices in Kenya

Farm Size in Square meters

price in Kenyan Shillings

1/8 acre


1/4 acre


1/2 acre


1 acre


Where to Buy Button Drippers in Kenya

 Button Drippers are available at affordable prices in Aqua Hub Kenya. We have cheap button drippers at the farm sizes shown in the table above.

Call 0790719020 or email info@aquahubkenya.co.ke.

Button Drippers in Kenya

With the rise in climate change which makes it difficult to rely on rain-fed agriculture, drip irrigation is ideal as it helps farmers have crop production throughout the year.

Drip Kit Price Chart
Area SizeLines Per Bed Cost in Ksh.Components
 2 Lines3 Lines per Bed
  • Tank Connection
  • Filtration Unit
  • Main Pipes & Control system
  •  Drip Kit
  • Installation Cost
  • Transport within Nairobi county
500 sq.m (1/8 Acre)   24,500    35,000
1000 sq.m (1/4 Acre)   42,000    55,000
2050 sq.m (1/2 Acre)   65,000    75,000
4096 sq.m (1 Acre)  

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Drip irrigation is used for a variety of crops, including corn, herbs, and vegetables.  At Aqua Hub we have drip irrigation systems that are effective, affordable, and durable.

  • Helps in water conservation.
  • Efficient nutrient delivery.
  • Increased quality crop yields.
  • Minimal land tillage’s hence helped in soil conservation.
  • Reduced cost of manpower.
  • Prevents diseases as it minimizes water contact on leaves.
  • Suppresses weed growth.
  • Reduced Run-off and leaching.
  • Saves time, money, and water because the system is so efficient.
  • operated at lower pressure hence reducing energy costs.
  • Minimized nutrient loss due to reduced leaching.
  • Ability to irrigate irregular-shaped fields.
    • Buy your drip kits from Aqua Hub Kenya at an affordable price. Our drip kit ranges from (1/8, to 1 acre) with attached prices inclusive of installations cost

      Our contacts are NAIROBI: 0790719020 | ELDORET: 0759372241

Button Drippers irrigate plants at the rate of discharge flow set on it. Button drippers have different colors for  discharge rates. You can control the water flow depending on the type of button dripper(Adjustable or Non-adjustable)

Lay mainline and Submain line pipes. Fix button drippers at evenly distributed points on the drip line pipe using clips.

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