Effective Greenhouse designs in Kenya

Types of Greenhouses in Kenya

Effective Greenhouse designs in Kenya |Just like buildings and houses, greenhouses are built in various shapes. The shape of a greenhouse is a key factor in its efficiency and performance. Cost of construction and amount of greenhouse materials needed also depends on the shape of the greenhouse.

Effective Greenhouse designs in Kenya – Aqua Hub

Aqua Hub Kenya is the most convenient greenhouse construction and design company in the country.
We construct various designs of greenhouses depending on the suitability of your area, intended size of greenhouse and crops to grow.

Greenhouses Designs

Some common effective and reliable greenhouse designs are:

Tunnel Shaped Structures

These are greenhouses that have a U-shaped roofing. These designs are usually strong and long-lasting. The structure utilizes galvanized steel bars connected with screws for setting up a complete shape to hold the greenhouse polythene paper.

Insect nets are commonly placed on either side of the walls for Ventilation purposes.

Greenhouse structures

Vented (V-shaped) Structures

Greenhouse designs with a ventilation or extension for air entry on the roof part. The base is rectangular with netting materials or transparent polythene paper on the walls.

Effective Greenhouse Designs

Multi-joined Extensive Structures

Greenhouses with a joint connection to form a continuous roofing within one structure. Metallic structure joining on the edges and roofing to cover the entire area of the structure.
This design is common in large farms or projects that require many greenhouses.

The aim is to reduce cost of materials to place on the walls built on separate greenhouses. Maintenance is also easier as it takes less time moving from one point to another inside the greenhouse.
Installing drip irrigation system is cheaper on one joint structure unlike separate structures.

Shade houses

Structures built on the fields or gardens. Shade nets are the primary covering materials in the structure of shade houses.
Shade houses are suitable for temperate or warm places to offer a cool condition to outfield crops.

Effective Greenhouse structures

How does shape matters in Choice of a greenhouse?

The shape of a greenhouse affects its resistance to environmental hazards such as winds, temperature, and storms. Some greenhouse designs last longer than others depending on the materials and their placing.
Multi-span greenhouses are more stable and resistant to wind compared to single greenhouses.

Which greenhouse design is the best?

Tunnel greenhouses are the best greenhouse designs. They are less costly and less complex to construct. Air circulation is faster and more enhanced because ventilation is on the walls near the roof edges.

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