Factors to Consider when Purchasing Water Pumps

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It is important to learn the important things to consider before buying a pump. Don’t rush to buy a pump without thinking about whether it is going to satisfy your needs.

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Water Pumps

Considerable Factors for an Ideal Water Pump

Flow Rate

Flow rates show the rate at which a pump discharges water in a unit time.

Choose a water pump that saves your time and can provide reliable flow rates of water. Supplying Higher amounts at low pressure and power consumption shows that a pump is efficient.

Therefore, some water-needing activities such as farm irrigation and domestic water use will be completed when on time.

Size of the Pump

The size of the pump depends on the size of the engine and the inlet or suction pipe.

Pumps can range from 1-6 inch sizes. The inlet size of the pump suction pipe determines the capacity of water a pump can supply in unit time.

Pressure Rating of the Pump

The pressure rating is the specification of the maximum and minimum pressure that a pump needs to supply water.

Water pumps can work on a pressure of up to a maximum of 12 HP.

Maximum Head

The maximum head of the pump needs to be equal to the distance of the water to the point you want your water to reach.

Depth of the Water Source

Consider the depth of the water source to ensure that you go for a suitable pump. Water sources can be a well, borehole, river, dam or other storage points such as plastic tanks and concrete tanks.  

Shallow sources are ideal for shallow or surface pumps while deep ones require submersible types.

Intended Use of the Pump

What are your desired water needs? Or in other terms what kind of use is intended for the pump?

Consider the type of liquid you want to supply before settling for a specific pump. For example, light fluids such as water is suitable for centrifugal water pumps.

If you are looking for a pump to supply irrigation or domestic water suitable options are available. Sump pumps for sewage or waste supply are also available.

Water Source Quality

Consider the quality of your water source before considering it a good pump for you. High sand-containing water is best for sludge or drainage pumps. The design of a pump varies to suit different qualities of water.

Water Pumps for High-Pressure Applications

High-pressure applications are activities that need water to be supplied under high Horsepower. They include;

  • Irrigation systems such as sprinklers and Rain Gun sprinklers. Needs water under high pressure to rotate the sprinkler head
  • Dust suppression in car wash also requires high-pressure pumps.
  • Domestic applications such as showers and kitchen applications need high-pressure booster pumps.
  • Moving water from basements to rooftops in residential buildings.
  • Industrial cooling plants and factories also need high water pressure
  • Pulp processing

High pressure pumps are available; only the application needs to be specific to identify the most ideal type.

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