Diesel Water Pumps in Kenya

Diesel Water Pumps in Kenya

Diesel water Pumps for Irrigation in Kenya come with different ranges of pressure and flow rates in Aqua Hub Kenya. Diesel Water Pumps in Kenya are powerful types of pumps that use diesel to supply water on the various applications. It is quite important to consider the cheap maintenance and production costs that are coupled with diesel.
Diesel pumps have adjustable pressure knobs, in any case you want to or reduce the speed of pumping water.

Choosing Diesel Pumps

Your water needs will decide what type of diesel water pump you should buy to ensure efficiency. For example, a big farm relying on water from a river requires a big pump with high pressure and maximum head. Maximum head is the longest distance that a pump can supply water from the source to the point of use.
Several factors are worth considering when purchasing water pumps for various water applications.
To begin with the actual water you intend to pump, you need a pump can fit your water source. For example, a surface pump that operates on pumping river water may not be effective for a deep well. Secondly, suction height of a pump matters because pumps are different in suction height and pumping capacity.
Moreover, the distance of supplying water is another thing to keep in mind. You need to be sure of the exact range of distance of water source or depth, then choose a suitable pump.
Another factor to consider is the budget you set aside for acquiring the pump you need to handle your water supply.

What are the Features of Diesel Pumps in for Irrigation in Kenya?

  1. Diesel Pumps are self-priming because they have automatic liquid stored inside the impeller for efficient pumping of water. Therefore, it enhances easier and effective water supply under high pressure.
  2. They are quiet. For this reason, the environment is free from noise pollution during the pumping process.
  3. High efficiency of Operation – Diesel pumps are highly effective; they can pump large volumes of water for longer distances using less fuel.
  4. Fuel saving – Diesel pump engines consume less diesel compared to petrol pumps.
  5. They are economical to use since fuel costs are affordable.
  6. Cost of Purchasing diesel pumps is lower and affordable to most farmers.
  7. They are protected by stainless steel casing on the outer surface.
  8. Available in different sizes ranging from ½ – 3 inches.

Types of Diesel Pumps

Diesel pumps are available in various types of brands in Kenya with different operating pressure and flow rates. The most known effective brands are Aico, Pacwell and Carltons Uk.

Benefits of Diesel Water Pumps

Efficiency of diesel pumps helps cut down the cost of purchasing and supplying water using other methods such as animal and vehicle or hand carts.
Maintenance costs of diesel water pumps are low because of less damage and rare chances of parts wearing out. Nevertheless, they always cost you diesel and maybe labor for shifting and handling the pump and pipes.

You can use use several types of irrigation pipes in Kenya to connect to a diesel pump for water supply. Either PVC or HDPE pipes can withstand high pressure of diesel pumps.
Diesel pumps are powerful and always reliable to supply water in remote areas since they are portable. The reliance of diesel pumps in rural areas ensures that farming activities and water supply goes on well in day-to-day life.
The next benefit of diesel pumps is the ability to supply water to longer distances from one point to another. In fact, the head of flow can reach up to 3 km and the suction height can go to a maximum of 30 ft.
Additionally, diesel water pumps have higher performance rates. They maintain higher efficiency in supplying water while consuming less fuel.
Diesel water pumps have a long lifespan and good performance. They last for a long time because they are made of powerful engines which rarely get damaged.
Pressure ratings of diesel pumps are higher and reach 16 HP. However, low pressure diesel pumps are available as well.

Prices and Specifications of Diesel Water Pumps in Kenya

Brand Size (inch)Head (m)Suction HeightPressure Rating (Hose Power) Cost (KES)
Pacwell2 65 m7 m10 Hp78,000
Pacwell370 m7 m10 Hp92,000
Aico1.580 m7 m7 Hp80,000
Aico3100 m7 m10 Hp95,000

Diesel Water Pumps from Aqua Hub Kenya

Our Diesel Pumps are relatively affordable, and quality specifically designed for farm irrigation and domestic water supply purposes. They have considerable costs just like solar water pumps prices in Kenya.
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