Best Booster Pumps in Kenya

Booster Pumps in Kenya

Booster pumps in Kenya are pumps that increase the pressure or flow rate of water by providing additional boost. They work in the middle points of water sources and points of use such as taps, showers, storage tanks and irrigation systems.

Why Booster Pumps?

Booster Pumps are applicable when you are experiencing low water pressure in your system to boost the pressure of flow. Low pressure could occur due to low water volumes in the storage tanks or low-pressure pumps used in the installation.

Specifications of Booster Pumps in Kenya

ModelMotorHorsepower (HP)Max Flow (m3/h)Max Head (m)Outlet
DDP 600.372.50.52.4401”
DDP 60E0.371.80.752.2381”
DDP 650.755.213551.5”
PKM 600.372.40.52.8421”
PKM 650.53.40.753561”
PKM 800.754.813711”
PKM 1001.18.213861”

Types of Booster Pumps in Kenya

  1. Single stage booster pumps – Consists of single impeller. Suitable for water supply to residential buildings with moderate pressure requirements.
  2. Multistage Pumps – Consists of multiple impellers. Applicable for high pressure water applications such as pumping water uphill or supplying water to residential areas with many buildings. Booster
  3. Pumps with expansion tanks – Booster pumps with tanks that provide additional space for water to prevent the pump from cycling on and off.

There are different booster pumps depending on how they suck and pump water. Some have impellers to increase water pressure, while others use diaphragms.

Booster Pumps in Kenya

Steps of Installing a Booster water Pump in Kenya

  1. Locate the position to place the pump. To identify a suitable point to set the booster pump, consider factors:
  2. Weather conditions – Motor protected from rain, or harsh weather conditions.
  3. Security of the pump – identify a secure place to install your booster pump. To prevent theft.
  4. Source of power – The place should be near or have access to electricity.
  5. Source of water – the pump should be within or near the water source.
  6. Close the main water shut off valve and drain the remaining water.
  7. Cut the pipe at the point where you want to install the booster pump.
  8. Conduct wiring from the pump to the switch breaker. Recommended cable size of 2.5 mm.
  9. Conduct pipe work, ensure you have a non-return valve. From the water source to the booster pump, have a ball valve in between.
  10. Use a male adaptor and other fittings where necessary.
  11. Connect a non-return valve 1m after the pump outlet.
  12. Create an inlet hole in the tanks that will allow proper piping.
  13. Install a float valve in the tank to close the line when the tank is full.
  14. Connect a union fitting to join supply pipes along the delivery.
  15. Open the shut-off valve to test for leakage in the connection.
  16. Open the faucet of the pump and start the pump.

How a Booster Pump works

A booster pump is designed with one or multiple impellers that increase the speed of flow. As water speed increases, the pressure of water also increases.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Booster Pumps in Kenya

  • Flow rate of the system
  • Volume of water desired.
  • Consider the water source.  Is it above or below the pump?
  • Consider the pressure of the booster pump. It should match the maximum pressure for the system to avoid damaging pipes and fittings.

Where to Install a Booster Pump

Install it at the place where you need to pump water from. Install it at the mainline pipes where the water enters the house or point of use.

How to Keep a Booster Pump Quiet

Use flexible connectors to prevent noise caused by vibration of the pump.

Uses of Booster Pumps in Kenya

  • Increasing the pressure of water in irrigation or supply systems.
  • Water treatment in industries
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Filtration systems

Prices of Booster Pumps in Kenya

Booster Pump costs KES 15,000 – KES 100,000 depending on the size and pressure rating.

Where to Buy Booster Pumps in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya

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