1 Acre Drip Irrigation Materials and Installation

Are you looking to maximize water efficiency and productivity on your farm? 1 Acre Drip irrigation Kits from Aqua Hub Kenya is the best solution for your crop needs.

Why Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is the dropwise supply of water to the ground using a running length of a drip line. A dripline has special perforated holes on equal distances along the pipe to let water out for a slow supply to the soil.

 By using drip irrigation on your 1 acre property, you can save water, reduce Labor costs, and increase crop yields.

1 Acre Drip Irrigation

Top Materials for 1 Acre Drip Irrigation Installation

To install drip irrigation kits on one acre of the farm, you need several materials that are connectible for an effective drip irrigation system.

The common materials to acquire include.

  • Water storage tanks or points – Before you purchase a water tank, ask yourself a question. What is the water needed for my farm? Where is the main source of my irrigation water?  
  • Drip lines – The delivery or plant line pipes should meet the flow rate required for your water-sufficient crop needs.
  • Mainline pipes – for drawing water from the source to the delivery driplines. Consider High-Quality UV-treated Pipes for the mainline connection.
  • Sub mainline pipes – to distribute water from the main connection to other farm sections.
  • Fertilizer kits – provide an effective boost in fertilizer supply to crops in drip irrigated farms. The goal of fertilizer kits is to lower the cost of applying fertilizer on your crop fields.
  • Filters – Smart irrigation devices to reduce the silt accumulation on your drip irrigation system. Filters collect debris and any silt present in water to avert any danger of clogging in your pipelines.
  • Valves: Control the flow of water through the system.
  • Pressure Regulators: Maintain consistent water pressure throughout the system.
  • Connectors and Fittings: Used to join tubing and other components together.
1 Acre Drip Irrigation

Step-by-Step Installation of 1 Acre Drip Irrigation System in Kenya

Now that you have all the necessary materials, it’s time to install your drip irrigation system. Follow these steps for a successful installation:

  1. Plan Your Layout: Determine the proper spacing of plants and the layout of your tubing to ensure even water coverage.

Planning your layout helps in selecting the ideal drip emitter spacing to use whether 15 cm, 20 cm, or 30 cm.

Measure the land size to determine the cost of installation and the number of emitters needed. For this case, your drip kit requirement depends on the crop type it can be approximately 6 rolls per acre for most crops.

2. Prepare the Area: Clear the land of any debris, bushes, and underlying rocks from the intended area of installation.

Preparation also involves the process of breaking down the soil and digging trenches for the tubing.

3. Lay the Pipes: Lay the mainline and sub-mainline pipes in the trenches, making sure to secure them with stakes or anchors.

4. Connect the pipes – Using proper fittings and connectors, join the pipework.

  • Connect sub-mainline pipes to the risers – Risers deliver water from the sub mainline pipes to the emitters.
  • Lay Drip emitters – Lay the drip emitters on the planting beds 1 M apart.
  • Connect Risers to the Emitters – Using start connectors.
  • Install Emitters: Attach emitters to the risers or delivery tubing.
  • Cover the trenches – Bury the pipes with soil to protect them from damage and detachment.

4. Test the System – Open the water connection to ensure it is working. For any notable leakages, disconnect and reinstall the system.

Maintenance Tips of 1 Acre Drip Irrigation Kits

  1. Inspect your system regularly. Check and repair any leaks, clogs or damaged parts.
  2. Clean the filters – Regularly clean the filters to remove any sediments that can clog the system.
  3. Check the flow rates of the emitters and adjust them if necessary.
  4. Monitor and keep track of the water use while adjusting the flow rate to meet the water needs of your system.

Cost of Drip Irrigation Materials and Installation in Kenya

The cost of materials for 1 acre drip irrigation system and installation is listed below.

Farm SizeNumber of Lines per Bed
1 Line2 Lines3 Lines
1 Acre65,00095,000130,000
½ Acre30,00045,00060,000
¼ Acre16,00025,00035,000
⅛ Acre10,00015,00020,000

Where to Purchas 1 Acre Drip Irrigation Materials in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya is the ideal place to purchase 1 acre drip irrigation materials in Kenya. We also conduct Installation at affordable prices.

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