Low-Cost Drip Irrigation Kits in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya meets the water needs of clients through smart low-cost drip irrigation kits at best prices in Kenya.

There are several places to purchase drip irrigation kits in Kenya. We are among the few genuine Suppliers with quality effective irrigation accessories.

Prices of Garden Drip Kits in Kenya

Unit of the Farm (Acreage)Cost as per the Number of Lines per Bed
Single line per bedDouble lines per bed3 lines per bed
1 Acre65,00095,000130,000
½ Acre30,00045,00060,000
¼ Acre16,00025,00035,000
⅛ Acre10,00015,00020,000

Precision and Water Control with Drip Kits

The use of drip kits results in high control of water levels that you supply to your crops. Drip Irrigation kits are designed to allow an increase or reduction in the amount of flow rates to apply.

The system works with ball corks that allow closing or opening to regulate the water flowing into drip lines.

Impact of Adopting Low-Cost Drip Irrigation Kits

The adoption of low-cost drip irrigation kits greatly impacts your crop productivity in several ways. The main benefit is the quality of produce that your farm generates as a result of balance and sufficient growth conditions.

Moisture Distribution and Conservation with Low-cost Drip Kits

Low-cost drip kits are effective in moisture supply and balance. The efficiency is approximately 90% compared to sprinkler irrigation which is about 70%.

It saves a maximum of 40 % of the entire water that could have been lost with surface runoff.

Water loss due to deep percolation can be averted by reducing the flow rate. Overwatering is also avoidable, as you can skip irrigation if the soil moisture is high.

Components of Low-Cost Drip Kits

Low-cost drip kits require parts to make up a complete drip irrigation system connection. The components include;

Drip lines

Drip kits come with drip tapes that are core parts of the system. They deliver water directly to the roots in a drop-wise manner. Whether you need single or double emitters, we can guarantee to deliver them to you at affordable prices.

Mainline Connection

The mainline pipe connection includes the HDPE or PVC pipes that supply water to the drip emitters.

Water Filtration Kit

Devices for removing debris and sand particles that may cause clogging of drip emitters in the system. Sizes are available as per the requirements recommended for your irrigation system.


Includes all drip connectors, Mainline, and sub-mainline pipe fittings for joining pipes and other components. Come in different types all with a specific use in the drip line connection.

Hydrant (Control Unit)

It is the section that consists of the ball control valves to regulate water entering certain parts of the farm from mainline pipes.

Benefits of Drip Kits

Low-cost drip kits are of great benefit to agricultural production. There is potential in large tracts of dry land to yield immeasurable produce using drip kits. Less water consumption and balance of supply are beneficial features of drip irrigation.

What also makes drip kits a better choice is the low density of weed growth and disease prevention.

The cost of setting up drip kits may be a bit high but in the end worth it.

Environmental safety and soil fertility also make drip irrigation an ideal solution.

Why Select Us

  • Affordable Drip Kit Products in Kenya
  • Our low-cost drips are of high quality. Made of UV-treated PE and HDPE materials.
  • Long-lasting accessories that are resistant to harsh climatic conditions.
  • We have a wide range of options for your needs.
  • Excellent customer service ready to handle your questions and orders.
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