Drip Irrigation Systems in Kenya

Drip Irrigation Systems in Kenya are modern ways of irrigation which use little water to sustain the life of crops and agriculture.

You can get complete and affordable drip irrigation systems from Aqua Hub Kenya. Our prices suit your purchase and economical goals.

Which Places in Kenya best Suits drip Systems?

Both small scale and large-scale farming in Kenya is suitable for drip irrigation. Drip irrigation is best for areas with scarcity of water and long runs of dry seasons such as Machakos and Meru. These regions and other areas can be brought to continuous production annually under drip irrigation.
With the efficiency of drip irrigation, farm yield can be maximized by using less water to produce more.

How Does drip Irrigation Deliver Water?

This type of irrigation delivers water to root zones of plants through the work of pipe network starting from tank connection to emitter pipes. Wastage of water and nutrients is less likely to happen unless leakages occur.

How Can Drip Irrigation Systems be made More effective?

Increasing access or availability of drip irrigation systems to farmers is significant. The government of Kenya and financial organizations such as KCB and other banks are offering loans to farmers to help them adopt sustainable farming practices.
Training clients on how to use irrigation flow rates and frequency of irrigation for various crops is good for them to meet the expected produce.
Clients need to embrace maintenance and regulation measures for drip irrigation systems. For instance, the appropriate flow rates, and cleaning of pipes and filters are good to apply. This will enhance maintenance and improvising of drip irrigation systems to enhance efficiency.

How Drip Irrigation Conserves soil

Drip irrigation delivers water precisely in a controlled manner thus reducing surface evaporation, lowering soil erosion, and maintaining soil texture and structure. Slow wetting and spillage do not carry soil away or remove topsoil layers compared to surface run-off.
Moreover, drip irrigation does not leach or carry nutrients away from plant fields hence maintaining and improving balance in soil fertility.

Advantage of Drip Irrigation

  • With drip irrigation you can increase the frequency of irrigation and flow rates to suit your needs.
  • Drip Irrigation systems can also supply nutrients to plants.
  • With drip emitters water reaches all plants equally.
  • Drip Irrigation enhances higher yield in production.
  • You can lower the cost of labour by using drip irrigation.
  • Maintenance costs are lower as well.

How much does it cost to install drip irrigation systems?

Size/ Line per bed1 Line2 lines3 Lines
1 acre75000130000160000
1/2 acre400006100071000
1/4 acre280004000050000
1/8 acre130002300026000

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