Where to buy Greenhouse materials in Kenya

Where to buy Greenhouse materials in Kenya | In Kenya, you can find various greenhouse materials from different suppliers depending on the type of greenhouse and the crops to be done. Here are some common greenhouse materials available in Kenya.

Greenhouse polythene sheet
  • Greenhouse Structures: These include frameworks made of galvanized steel or aluminium. They provide the support and structure for the greenhouse. You can find different types such as hoop houses, tunnel greenhouses, and even custom-designed structures.
  • Shade & Insect Nets: Shade nets are used to control the amount of sunlight entering the greenhouse. They provide shade and protect plants from excessive heat. Shade nets come in different shading percentages to suit different crop requirements.
  • Crop Support Systems: Greenhouse crops often require support systems such as trellises, stakes, and clips. These materials help to support and guide the growth of plants, especially crops like tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • Growing Media: This includes materials like soil, coco peat, perlite, and vermiculite, which are used as planting mediums for greenhouse crops. These materials help provide nutrients, water retention, and aeration to the plants.
  • Polyethylene Films: These are plastic covers that create a protective barrier for the greenhouse. They help regulate temperature, humidity, and light levels. Polyethylene films come in various thicknesses and qualities, such as UV-stabilized films for durability.
  • Ventilation Systems: Ventilation is crucial for maintaining airflow and controlling temperature inside the greenhouse. Materials like insect screens, roof vents, side vents, and fans are used to create effective ventilation systems.
  • Irrigation Systems: These include drip irrigation systems, sprinklers, and foggers. They ensure efficient water distribution to the plants, reducing water wastage and improving crop health. You can find irrigation equipment and accessories from various suppliers.
Greenhouse structures
Shade nets

Specifications and Prices Greenhouse Materials (Aqua Hub)

Greenhouse StructuresSteel bars (4 m length)
Wiggle wires (3 m long)
Screws (all inches sizes)
Construction of greenhouse structuresKES. 600/-
Screws depend on the inches size
Shade nets35 %
55 %
75 %
90 %
All available in 2.5 by 30 m and 3 by 30 m
Used to provide shades for small crops
KES. 13,000/- per acre
KES. 16,000/- per acre
KES. 19,000/- per acre
KES. 30,000/- per acre
Growing MediaPlanting trays
Planting bags
Propagating seedsKES. 140/- per tray
Polyethylene FilmsAll custom sizes availableRoofing greenhousesKES. 110/- per Sq. meter
Irrigation SystemsDrip kits
Sprinkler irrigation Kits
Rain Hose Kits
Supply water for irrigation in farms and greenhouses130,000
Insect Nets4 by 50 mPrevent insects from damaging plants in greenhousesKES. 95/- per Sq. meter
Ventilation SystemsInsect nets or shade netsregulating heat in greenhouseslook at insect net prices

Where to buy Greenhouse materials in Kenya

To purchase greenhouse materials in Kenya, you can visit Aqua Hub Kenya, specialized greenhouse materials. It is advisable to compare prices, quality, and customer reviews before making a purchase to ensure you get reliable and durable materials for your greenhouse project.

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