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The best shade net suppliers in Kenya include Aqua Hub, the most trusted brand for quality nets and irrigation accessories.

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What is a Shade Net?

Shade nets are plastic sails that offer a shading effect to crops by filtering the sunlight amount to reduce evaporation.

The raw material is a UV-treated Polyethene material, good for application in all weather conditions.

How to Choose Shade Nets

Choosing shade nets first requires an evaluation of the reasons or applications intended for the net.

Which crop types are in the context?

Vegetables need much light therefore a percentage of 35 or 55 percent is best.

Herbs and flowers – such as ferns, roses may require 75% or 90 % are ideal.

Which material is the ideal one?

Shade nets are available in different materials but the best one to consider for crop protection is the UV-treated Knitted polythene nets.

What cost favors your plan?

Aqua Hub’s shade net prices are the best in the market. Our prices are competitive and for sure will favor your farming project.

Look at the prices for our available shade net types.

Shade Net Percentage              Cost

35 %                                                   16,000

55 %                                                   18,000

75 %                                                   26,000

90 %                                                   36,000

Are Shade Nets Beneficial in Farming?

The main challenge in farming is poor plant growth due to strain from low moisture rate because of high evaporation. Pests and diseases are also common challenges to a variety of crops in open fields.

However, with shade net farming, the crops benefit from high moisture retention and reduced pest activity. This is because shade nets keep much sunlight and pests from the plants thereby allowing them to blossom.

Best Recommended Shade Net Suppliers

Are you living in hot areas with high scorching sunlight? Arid and Semi-arid areas of Kenya such as Machakos, Kitui, Baringo, Garissa, and other areas experience high evaporation rates due to high heat.

Therefore, you need shade nets to relieve your plants from excessive water loss and drying of leaves. Aqua Hub brings your farm to life with quality shade nets available for affordable prices which depend on the shade net filtration level.’

We are the best solution for your shade net needs, dealing with shade net percentages of 35 % to 90 % levels.

 Learn to Apply Shade Nets in Farming; Best Suppliers

 Shade nets are part of smart artificial agricultural nets to improve productivity in agriculture. You can use them as crop protection covers in greenhouses, shade houses, nursery shade houses, or fruit gardens.

Shade nets are also applicable as alternatives for bird protection nets, poultry, and animal shields from crops.

Using Shade Nets in Greenhouses

The net covers the structure along the ventilation or side nets. Placing shade nets on side parts allows air entry and reduces the heat inside the greenhouses.

Shade house net

Shade net Suppliers

Shade houses are structures covered with shade net materials on the entire part. The structure could be wooden or metallic frames holding the net tight to provide a better shield.

As nursery shade house covers

Structures built to protect nursery tree seedlings can use shade nets to house them. Shade nets shield the seedlings from the sun and heavy rainfall which can break the stems.

Maximum air and water will reach the seedlings thus allowing them to develop and mature faster.

Which Shade Net Type to Use

Knitted shade nets are the ideal type for farming as they offer different mesh percentage options to choose from. Available in different intensities; 35 %, 55%, 75 % and 90 % you can decide on which one to use by looking at the crop you plant to grow.

Shade net Percentage: What does it Imply?

The shade net percentages imply that a material allows a certain amount of sunlight to pass through it and blocks the remaining amount.

For example, a 35 % shade net allows 65 % of the sunlight intensity to reach your crops.

Make Efforts today & Visit the Best Shade Net Suppliers in Kenya

We are available in Nairobi Kenya, we welcome all with the ambition to learn, grow and benefit from sustainable shade nets.

For those who already understand how nets are implemented to boost productivity, you can just order and get your net delivered to you. Affordable, timely and reliable for you.

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