Shade Net Prices in Kenya

The cost of purchasing agricultural shade nets in Kenya depends on the percentage of shade net sunlight filtration and size for Various suppliers. Shade net prices in Kenya can also vary differently as per the quality and guarantee of longevity(durability)

Shade nets in Kenya by Aqua Hub

Aqua Hub Kenya provides efficiency in shade netting with the quality shade net materials at very affordable prices.
Our shade nets are Knitted thread meshes made of polyethene threaded material. They have UV resistance effect due to the UV treatment which is common to Polyethene plastics.
We assure you of high strength and resistance to tear, wear caused by rain, wind, or other mechanical damages. However, they are still prone to tear when these forces exceed the tensile strength, thus care and maintenance is necessary.

What are the Purposes of Shade Nets in Kenya

Before you consider looking at the prices of shade nets, it is important to know the reason you should apply shade nets. You may be aware that shade nets are good nets to protect crops from environmental and human or animal interference.
Obviously, to build or set up a protective barrier for crops, you need to consider the structure and effect of the material on the crops and environment.

Shade Net Purposes: Explained

A material that does not affect or rather improves the growing conditions such as temperature, moisture availability and soil fertility is good. In fact, shade nets regulate temperature to a better level that fits the requirements for your crops. It is most commonly applicable in reduction of temperature levels or heat levels in flowers, herbs, and seedlings in hot regions.
Moreover, it is wise to look at the adverse effects a certain material can cause to the environment. For our case, shade nets are environmentally friendly, no effect to the environment as it does not decompose or release chemicals.

Features of Our shade Nets

  1. They are available in different mesh levels; 35 %,55%,75% and 90% sunlight filtration levels. Sunlight filtration is the rate at which shade nets trap sunlight radiation. For example, a 30% shade allows 70% sunlight to reach crops.
  2. Light in weight
  3. Flexible and easy to install, fold and pack.
  4. Green or black in color
  5. UV treated.
  6. Knitted fabric.
  7. Long lasting

Shade Net Applications

  • The main role of shade nets is for agricultural crop protection from external distraction and adverse effects.
  • Building and construction sites also use shade nets as safety nets.
  • Shade nets can also work as protection materials in car parks and buildings.
  • You can also use shade nets to fence poultry farms and fishponds. The objective is to keep away predator birds.

Choice of best Shade Net in Kenya

When it comes to the point of purchasing a shade net, make an informed decision on which shade net material to purchase. Good shade nets have good quality and properties for a proper long term farming investment.

Shade Net Prices in Kenya

Shade net PercentageCost (KES)
35 %16,000
55 %19,000
75 %26,000
90 %36,000

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