Rain Hose Prices in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya has a large network of supplies for rain hose pipes and irrigation systems accessories. With our excellent skills in sourcing quality and durable equipment, our Rain Hose Prices in Kenya are among the most affordable in the market.

SizeLengthPrice (KES)
32mm50m     3,500.00
40mm50m     5,500.00
50mm50m     7,500.00

What are the Specifications of Rain Hose Pipes?

  • Rain Hose are flexible Poly pipes that resist harsh climatic conditions.
  • Our rain hose pipes are quality and operational for a long time.
  • They have high pressure ratings and varying flow rates.
  • Diameter sizes of 32 mm, 42 mm, and 50 mm.
  • Length of 50 or 100 m depending on the manufacturer.

What is the Cost of Setting Up Rain Hose Irrigation in Kenya?

The average cost of setting up a rain hose irrigation system is generally low, from all sets of pipes, connectors, and rain hose pipes. Once you have all the accessories set up and complete to form a rain hose connection, you can fully start harnessing the benefits of rain hose irrigation in your farm.

Benefit of Rain Hose Irrigation over Drip and Sprinkler

  • Rain Hose pipe irrigation beats the cost of maintenance compared to drip and sprinkler irrigation systems.
  • The pipe connection and rain hose pipe require less pressure for water to be supplied to crops. Pipes are less likely to experience damage and disconnections or breakage.
  • Rain hose irrigation utilizes few or one delivery pipe for a large farm section. This is possible as rain hoses are flexible and moveable to all parts of the farm. Therefore, it saves on cost, enhances balanced irrigation, and covers a wide range of distance.
  • It is easier to make holes using nano punching technology. Making holes on a rain hose pipe is easier since it uses a simple punching plug.
  • Adequate water supply to plants. The rain effect delivery of water by rain hoses causes sufficient reach of water to the soil. The rain hose pipe emitter holes are equal and abundant along the pipe, so all paths of the plant lines get maximum water for plant growth.
  • Rain hose pipe has lower effect on soil erosion probably due to the lower force of water falling on the ground. The flow rate being low and presence of manpower to facilitate irrigation while at the same time monitoring irrigation rate ensures optimum water application to plants.

How to Apply Rain Hose pipes?

Rain hose pipes are suitable for low height crops such as vegetables (carrots, kale and cabbages), lettuce, beans, sugarcane, grass and strawberries. They can also be used for irrigation of Napier grass, trees, and nursery beds. Always use rain hose pipes for those plants that tolerate fungal and foliage infections.
While irrigating, the rain hose pipes are laid to the ground and water valves opened until an area is fully wet before the pipe is moved to another section.

Rain Hose Pipe Supplier in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya Supplies ideal rain hose pipes and special fittings to all clients in Kenya. We also assist farmers to install proper rain hose irrigation systems.

We have the most affordable Rain Hose Prices in Kenya.
Call us on 0790719020

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