Choosing the Best Pipes for Irrigation in Kenya

The success In irrigation projects and the resulting production rates depend on the efficiency and type of pipes you use. Pipes for Irrigation in Kenya are cheap and quality at Aqua Hub Kenya.

Dry areas make agriculture solely rely on irrigation for small-scale to commercial large-scale production..

Learn more about the suitable pipes for various irrigation systems and how to choose them when purchasing.

How to Determine Efficiency of Pipes for Irrigation

Every irrigation system must consist of the best pipes for maximum efficiency in the supply of water

A pipe is considered effective when it proves capable of supplying water without any inconveniences. It needs to withstand pressure, leakages, corrosion, and harsh weather conditions.

For this reason, most common irrigation pipes are of resistant plastic materials that meet the efficiency conditions.

4 Common Types of Pipes for Irrigation in Kenya

PVC Pipes

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipes are the most common types of irrigation pipes. They are proven effective for carrying water for long distances.


  • Slippery inner surface which makes flow convenient by reducing friction and clogging.
  • It is lightweight to make transportation and installation easier.
  • PVC pipes join to other pipes and fittings easily.
  • They Can be joined together using glue sealant hence reducing leakages.
  • Easier to cut and customize them into fitting your irrigation system as per your needs
  • Resistant to harsh climatic conditions
  • Durable for more than 100 years.


Due to non-flexible nature, PVC pipes are used as main line pipes in irrigation systems.

Domestic water supply systems

Industrial supply systems

Sewage systems

HDPE Pipes

Highly reliable pipes made from High-Density Polyethylene materials. HDPE pipes also work under high-pressure ranges to deliver water to  longer distances.

Characteristics of HDPE pipes include strong resistance to UV radiation, harsh climatic conditions and break.

It also has low abrasion due to smooth surfaces. The pipes are heavy and hard for higher pressure resistance.

Available in an extensive range of diameter levels; 16mm-110 mm.

Slightly flexible for ease of transportation and packaging.

Lasts for a longer time more than 100 years.

Rain Hose Pipes

Types of pipes that are applicable in rain hose irrigation systems. They consist of numerous tiny holes for releasing water in rainfall patterns.

Rain hose tapes are highly flexible and packing is in rolls. Suitable for connection with main line pipes and fittings. The material for manufacture is low-density PE materials and is often UV treated to resist Harsh conditions.

Drip Lines or Tapes

Drip lines are pipes suitable for Drip irrigation systems. They come with drilled emitter holes for precise supply of water.

Available in different holes spacing, 15 cm , 20 cm and 30 cm.

Made of UV treated PE materials to withstand radiation.

Highly effective and durable for outdoor irrigation.

How to Choose Pipes for Irrigation in Kenya

Pressure Rating

The choice should consider the ability of a pipe to carry water at a certain pressure. What range of pressure is suitable for the application of the pump?

Some pipes work under high pressure while other types are applicable for low pressure uses.


Choose pipes that are resistant to weather conditions, heavy radiation and corrosion. It is good to go for UV-treated pipes for higher radiation resistance.

Type of Irrigation System or Use

Always choose pipes according to the intended use or needs. Learn about the irrigation systems that work for you and obtain the required pipes. Remember that different irrigation systems may require different pipes.

Ease of Maintenance and Installation

Consider pipes that have low maintenance costs. Do so by choosing pipes that can last for a long time without wearing out or damaging.


The cost of a pipe determines whether you need it in your irrigation system.

Where To Get Best Pipes for Irrigation in  Kenya

Aqua Hub LTD is the ideal supplier of quality pipes for irrigation in Kenya. We have wide range of sizes and types of irrigation pipes for use.

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