Best Dam Liner materials in Kenya

Do you need an effective water conservation technique? Experience 100% water retention in your reservoirs and pools by using our quality dam liner materials.

 What are Dam Liners?

Dam liners are membranes or plastic covers that resist water passage for a maximum retention in artificial water catchment areas.

Do I really need lining for my water source?

It is a common recommendation to line artificial water storage places such as dams and ponds to reduce relative loss.  Water loss in a dam or reservoir can occur from direct seepage or broken concrete walls. Therefore, having a protective lining seals all possible passages or gaps that water can escape from.

How does a dam Liner Retain Water?

The way a dam liner enables water retention is subject to its hard and high tensile material of manufacture. Dam liners are components of hard polythene plastic materials which are resistant to abrasion and puncture.

A dam liner holds water for a long time on your dam or pond without breaking or discharging water. Apparently, the material has a uniform tension resistance on the entire surface and thus cannot burst or leak at any part.

Dam liners exist in thickness sizes of 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm and 1 mm sizes. The thickness sizes suits various applications

Types of Dam Liners

You can choose from High Density Polythene Liners, Polyvinyl chloride Liners, and Low-Density Polythene Liners (LDPE).

HDPE Dam Liners
Dam Liner Materials

High Density polythene liners are flexible membrane materials for leakage prevention in porous soils. HDPE liners are good for high friction surfaces such as ponds and heavy-duty industrial applications.

PVC Liners

PVC liners are flexible and applied in large scale aquatic water leakage prevention in dams and ponds. The materials spread and tucks in easily to allow tight surface touch which does not soak or allow water to leak.

Volume of Water recommended for a Dam Liner

Dam liners can hold any viable volume of water depending on the thickness size and type of soil surface on the dam. The resistance of a liner also varies depending on the type and density.

Important things to Know Before Choosing a Dam Liner

  • Dimensions of your Dam or Pond – The measurements of your preferred dam or pond are essential for us to calculate the size of liner you need.
  • Shape of your Dam – The dam appearance or exact shape helps in calculating the size of a dam liner. A Dam with slanting edges does not take the size of a liner as that with sharp edges or round shape.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Dam Liner

  • Strength – consider hard and tensile materials that resist breakage and punctures to reduce cost of repairs.
  • UV resistance – UV treated materials are the best dam liners that will last for a long period of time.
  • Thickness level – Choose a thickness size of a liner that suits your water storage needs.
  • Level of Durability – a long-lasting material is a suitable dam liner for application in your water catchments areas.

Factors that Can Cause Dam Liner Leakages

  • Uneven Ground surface
  • Sharp objects that get into the ponds or dams may pierce the material and cause leakage.
  • Presence of roots and rocks.
  • Use of low-quality dam liners may result in large water losses.
  • Poor welding of dam liners causes gaps that drain water.

Measures to Avoid Dam Liner Leakages

  • To avoid dam liner leakages consider purchasing quality dam liner materials from Aqua Hub Kenya.
  • When welding dam liners, use a proper welding blower or machine and ensure a skilled technician does it.
  • Always keep your ponds or dams out of bound to children and unauthorized persons to prevent entry of sharp materials.
  • Before installing dam liners, ensure the surface is flat and free from roots rocks and other objects.

Uses of Dam Liners in Kenya

  1. Storing water in dams for agricultural use
  2. Preventing leakages in fish ponds
  3. Construction sites and buildings
  4. Industrial applications
  5. Mining sites as safety mats.

How Much does it Cost to Buy Dam Liner Materials in Kenya?

Dam Liner materials are sold in Square Meters at different prices in accordance with the thickness size of the material.

The dam liner prices for available sizes in Kenya are;

  • 0.3 mm – KES 150
  • 0.5 mm – KES 230
  • 0.75 mm – KES 330
  • 1.0 mm – KES 450

Dam liner Materials by Aqua Hub (Top Supplier in Kenya)

Are you planning to harvest water for irrigation, fish farming or domestic use? We have the best dam liner materials for agricultural water conservation at cheap costs.

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