1mm Dam Liners in Kenya

1mm dam liners have a high thickness level of 1000 micron gauge. Due to this reason, they have a wide range of applications from industrial to aquatic use. Aqua Hub Kenya supplies quality 1mm dam liners in Kenya at KES 410 per square meter. Our Dam liner materials are UV treated.

Suitability and Overview of adoption of 1mm Dam liners in Kenya?

The density is high which makes it good for long term projects and rocky terrains or mining projects. The use of 1 mm dam liner has increased due to its ability to maintain waterproof effect for a long time. Its resistance to puncture, tear and frictional wear is excellent and can boost your water availability in your dams, reservoirs, and water tanks for a long period.

How Long Can it Last?

Lower dam liner gauges cannot match the durability and tensile strength of 1 mm dam liner. It can last for about 20–35 years. Our product is industry tested to withstand high forces of stretch.
Your 1 mm dam liner can hold as much water as your dam can carry, the limiting factor is the soil compactness and terrain of your area. You can always apply 1 mm dam liner on standard recommended sizes of dams and concrete tanks to prevent dam breaking.


  • Dam liner 1 mm with black colour.
  • HDPE, PVC, or Low density Polythene (LDPE) materials
  • HDPE 1 mm dam liners have a higher UV resistance for long term durability.
  • 1 mm dam liners are available in rolls that cover wide areas. They can also be joined to cover a large project or dam surface.
  • Hard and highly resistant to tear wear and corrosion.
  • The material has the highest thickness gauge, making it heavy and good for complex industrial and construction projects.
  • It is capable of withstanding damage that could occur from friction, pull or joining processes during installation.
  • The black colour makes it good for temperature and pressure regulation.
  • Dam Liner 1 mm applicable soil texture
  • The dam liner gauge is very hard and strong, making it fit for surfaces with rocky and mining activities. When used for construction projects, we prefer long term projects because they last for a long time. Therefore, you can cut down the costs on maintenance and replacement of a dam liner.

Applications of 1mm Dam Liners

  1. Lining of Dams, reservoirs, and tunnels.
  2. Surface safety cover in mining sites to collect sand, stones, or soil.
  3. It can be used to cover holes in mining sites to prevent leaking of poisonous gases such as sulphur to the environment.
  4. Good for Preventing leakages in concrete tanks.
  5. Fish pond lining in aquatic farming.
  6. Sewage and septic tank reinforcement to lower leakages and prevent corrosion of soil.
  7. Seals in water treatment plants
  8. Mining sites and construction projects as safety mats.

Cost of 1mm Dam Liners in Kenya

The cost of 1 mm dam liner in Kenya is KES 410 per square meter at Aqua Hub Kenya.

Where to Buy 1mm Dam Liners in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya is the home of affordable irrigation solutions for determined farmers in Kenya.
We have dam liners ranging from 0.3 mm thickness to 1 mm thickness level. No need to worry about the standard dimensions, we do help farmers to determine the size and dimension for their project. All we charge is the cost of the material and the pre-visit to survey and measure your dam size.
Call 0790719020

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