Affordable Greenhouses for BSF Farming

The technology of rearing of Black Soldier Fly is becoming popular in Kenya as farmers continue to seek better sources of animal feed. Affordable greenhouses for BSF farming in Kenya are available at Aqua Hub Kenya.

We construct wooden and metallic greenhouses to farmers all over Kenya. Our brand is reputable for strong and durable greenhouse structures. Sizes depend on your needs but common sizes are available in dimensions of 8 x 15, 8 x30m , 8 x 24 m and 16 x 40 m.

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Greenhouse Prices in Kenya

The cost of greenhouses in Kenya varies with the specific size to construct. Look at the prices of common greenhouse sizes available at Aqua Hub.

Why Greenhouses for BSF Farming

Greenhouses provide optimum conditions for BSF insects to survive and grow. The larvae require a controlled environment with a temperature range of 25-33 degrees Celsius. This

Providing optimal conditions reduces the duration of maturity of the BSF larvae to 3 weeks.

Greenhouses also offer a wide enclosed space that can hold as many racks as possible for rearing BSF larvae.

They protect the BSF larvae from harsh wind and rain thus making them healthy and viable.

How to Set Up a Greenhouse for BSF Farming

Setting up a greenhouse structure requires consideration of factors such as light, ventilation, and temperature of the environment. For a very hot area, ventilation needs to be increased.

The suitable greenhouse design may be vented or tunnel design if it permits enough light and air.

Requirements to Install Greenhouses for BSF Farming

To come up with a Greenhouse structure for BSF, you need.

  • Greenhouse polythene cover – to enhance temperature regulation in the structure to enhance optimal levels for BSF rearing. UV-treated 200-micron level covers are ideal for greenhouses.
  • Metal Structure – metal structure for holding the greenhouse cover that houses the structure. Steel metals are the fabricated structures to make greenhouses.
  • Cement & Ballast – for holding the metal poles firmly.
  • Steel metal tubes – erected to support the structure.
  • Profiles – holds the greenhouse polythene cover.
  • Wiggle wires – for interlocking the greenhouse cover tightly on the profiles.

How to install a Greenhouse Structure for BSF

  • First, consider a proper area that is free from wind, trees, and rocks.
  • Choose a proper desirable greenhouse size to construct. Consult us or read on how to choose greenhouse sizes.
  • Prepare the area by clearing vegetation in the area chosen for setting up the structure. Dig holes for the erection of steel metal poles. Erect and use the mixture of cement and ballast to support the erection of the poles.
  • Fix the metal poles to the side and roofing metals. Attach with tapping screws till the structure is complete. Fix the polythene cover and attach it using wiggle wires.

Using Insect Nets to Protect Cages for BSF

An insect Net is applicable inside the greenhouse structure to protect cages for rearing BSF.  The insect nets keep the black soldier flies at bay. On the same note, they prevent other harmful insects from entering.

 Get Your Greenhouse Structure Installed Today

Do you need a smart environment for growing? We are available, to build you affordable greenhouses for BSF farming in Kenya.

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