Affordable Dam Liners in Kenya

Affordable Dam Liners in Kenya | Most areas in the country are covered with a large span of highly water permeable soil such as sandy or murram soil.

What is a Dam Liner?

Affordable Dam Liners in Kenya

A Dam Liner is the covering layer material used primarily for shielding dams against extreme water seepage to the ground.

Why Affordable Dam Liners Should be adopted

The particles of sandy soil have large air spaces and therefore, lacks the capacity to hold water.

Constructing dams in such areas and storing water on them without applying water loss measures is a threat to water conservation.

Affordable Dam Liners in Kenya (Aqua Hub Liners)

The cost of installing dam liners can be very high especially for big dams. However, you can still manage to get affordable dam liners for small projects at Aqua Hub Kenya.

We have quality and cheap dam liners at various thickness levels for your applications.

Retail Sizes of Affordable Dam Liners

Dam liners are available in standard sizes. They are sold in rolls of 8 m width and length of 30 m. The thickness or gauge size varies according to the project or use of the liner. We have the following thickness size dam liners;

  • 0.3 mm – Soft soils
  • 0.5 mm – Murram soils
  • 0.75 mm – Rough soil structure
  • 1.0 mm – Rocky or very rough soil structure.

Purchasing Dam Liners

Buying Dam Liners is a critical and care demanding process. Most retailers do not engage in the supply of quality dam liners. Quality dam liners are easy to detect, they are heavy and more stiff. Always ensure you buy from certified sellers.
Quality and reliable dam liners are found in ideal companies such as Aqua Hub Kenya.

Features of Dam Liners

Dam Liners provide waterproof and hard material surface that holds water for a long period of time.
Hard Cover
Dam liners are hard resins capable of resisting breakage, tear, and expansion. Dam liners are not subject to tear easily, they only require sharp objects to cut.
The lining material consist of hard plastic polymers that functions for approximately more than 15 years. This is possible only if the client or owner has good dam maintenance practices.
Dam liners can fit various shape. They can apply to various dam shapes and concrete tanks as they fold easily.
Wide range of applications
Dam Liners have a variety of usability functions. Being a hard material, they are reliable for.

  • Dam Construction
  • Concrete lining
  • Lining and reinforcements of surfaces in buildings
  • Covering and roofing solar dryers
  • Making silage bags

Affordable Dam Liner Prices

Thickness (mm)Cost (KES)
0.3 mm210
0.5 mm240
0.75 mm330
1.0 mm410

For Quality dam liners, call or visit Aqua Hub Kenya

Telephone no; 0790719020


Nairobi; Benedicta, Utawala near along the Eastern Bypass.

Eldoret; Jamboni, Annex near MOI University.

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