Dam Liner Technicians in Kenya

Dam Liner Technicians

Dam Liner Technicians in Kenya | Dam Liners guarantee more than 95 percent water retention ability for future irrigation and domestic applications.

Dam Liner Technicians

Dam Liner Technicians – Aqua Hub

Aqua Hub Kenya deals with the dam liner supplying installation and repair services.

We have technicians experienced in handling, cutting, fitting, and welding of dam liners. Our technician’s work of installing dam liners for the past years’ projects done is commendable.
Our technicians can handle large and small dam liner projects depending on the preparedness of the client on the construction of the dam or reservoirs.

What Dam Liner Sizes to buy

Dam Liner sizes and costs vary depending on the thickness levels. The most common sizes of dam liners are;

  • 0.3 mm
  • 0.5 mm
  • 0.75 mm
  • 1.0 mm

Why Is Dam Liner welding necessary?

Normally dam liners exist in standard measurements such as 8 by 30 m and can either be smaller or larger than your dam size or measurements. To solve these problems, we customize dam liners and join them to suit your dams using welding technique.

What is the Cost of Welding?

The cost of welding of dam liners depends on the size of the dam liner to join. The client caters for the cost of welding.

How does welding works?

Dam Liner Technicians in Kenya

Welding application requires electricity or power source to run the welding machine. The pieces of dam liners to be joined are laid on the ground to overlap by 1 inch. The welding machine is then used to attach the two material dam liners. Burning or welding melts the dam liner material which sticks to the other once it cools down.

Dam Liner Technicians in Kenya to consult

Clients with little or no Knowledge of dam liners should consult Aqua Hub Kenya for directions and explanations on how to secure water availability using dam liners.
Mostly, we give instructions to clients on how they should construct their dams, the depths, and measurements convenient.
Call 0790719020 or email info@aquahubkenya.co.ke.

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