Wooden Greenhouses by Aqua Hub

Wooden Greenhouses by Aqua Hub are cheaper and easier to construct, especially in places with more trees that can provide timber.

Design of Wooden Greenhouses by Aqua Hub Kenya

We construct wooden greenhouses in various designs as desired by the client. However, there are two basic recommended types of greenhouses to construct, V-shaped and vent wooden greenhouses.
Tunnel wooden greenhouses have a rectangular shape and a roof resembling a V shape. The roof pours rainwater to the ground, preventing entry to the inside. The ventilation is available on the lower top sides of the roof above the edges.
Vent wooden greenhouses take a rectangular shape, but the roof is V-shaped with ventilation. The roof sides are separated by an extended ventilation covered with an insect net.

How to Build Wooden Greenhouses

Making wooden greenhouses is easier because the art of joining wood together is not complex. However, there needs to be preciseness in construction of wooden greenhouses to enhance the long-lasting and firm structures.
Aqua Hub conducts professional handling in common greenhouse sizes. Our clients have mastered the art of joining, measuring and fitting covers to all greenhouse designable sizes.

Steps to Make Wooden Greenhouses

  1. Identify a suitable place to construct a wooden greenhouse. A suitable site should be;
    • Flat with no rocks
    • Clear and free from vegetation
    • Water draining
    • An open area with no tall trees
    • Close to a water source
  2. Assemble all the requirements for construction of a wooden greenhouse. The requirements are;
    • Wooden frames
    • Polythene covers.
    • Nails
    • Insect nets
    • Treated wooden poles.
    • Other items such as tanks, irrigation kits, stakes, and tools.
  3. Clear the vegetation if available.
  4. Dig holes for construction of wooden poles. Should be 30 cm deep and 1 m apart.
  5. Treat or paint wooden poles before fitting them into holes.
  6. Install the wooden poles. You may need cement to hold the poles firmly.
  7. Attach wooden poles to the wooden frames using nails.
Wooden Greenhouses by Aqua Hub
  1. Complete the roofing and joining of wooden frames on the entire structure.
  2. Attach and fasten the polythene cover to the wooden frames. You can use nails or special wires.
  3. The structure is complete, and you can proceed to attach drip irrigation kits and crop support structures.

Cost of Aqua Hub Wooden Greenhouse Construction in Kenya

Wooden Greenhouses costs vary depending on the size and quantity of materials to use. The average cost ranges from 165,000 to 390,000 Kenyan Shillings.

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