Mulching Papers in Kenya

Mulch papers are opaque polythene films that are applicable for weed control in crop plantations.
We sell black silvery shiny plastic Mulching papers in Kenya at affordable prices for suppressing weed.

Why Plastic Mulching Papers in Kenya

Weeds are major problems to crop yields and entirely lead to pest and disease transmission. Weeding can be tiresome, time consuming and at the same time causes competition for moisture and nutrients to plants.
Mulch papers can be laid to save the cost of pesticides and irrigation, or labor costs incurred in weed control.

Where to Use Mulching Papers

Mulch papers are good for outfield crop growing where crops face high competition from weeds for water, sunlight, and nutrients.
It is also suitable for greenhouse plants. Greenhouses harbor a lot of weeds due to high fertilizer application. Arbitrary use of pesticides affects the soil and water sources thus not advisable to keep on using chemicals. Instead, opting for mulch papers is good for quality, safer and bumper harvest in your crop fields.
You are also sure to preserve soil fertility while combining drip irrigation and mulch covers to enhance higher efficiency of your production.

Steps of Installing Mulching Paper

  • You must prepare your land first by digging and breaking soil to soften it.
  • The next step is to make beds raised 1 ft high and 1 M apart.
  • Dig plant holes and ensure they maintain a distance depending on the crop you are growing.
  • Lay driplines and install them on the beds.
  • Put the mulch paper roll on one side of the farm and place it on the plant line.
  • Tuck the paper into the soil and mark the points where the plant holes are available.
  • Make holes in the marked places where crops will emerge.

Advantages of Mulch Films

  • Mulch films in Kenya protect crops from harmful UV rays.
  • Use of Mulch films reduces the reliance on chemicals such as insecticides and pesticides.
  • Soil remains moist thus humus content in the soil rises.
  • Mulch films makes soil loose and water retentive all the time.
  • You can irrigate large farms using less water since all water content remains on the soil.
  • Plants get nourished due to adequate water and nutrient richness in the soil.
  • You can grow a variety of crops with mulching covers.
  • They are easier to install and use.
  • Mulch papers are long lasting due to UV treatment in the polythene covers.

Price of Mulch Papers in Kenya

Mulching papers in Kenya are readily available at Aqua Hub LTD, where you can purchase quality UV treated mulch films at KES 45/=
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