Driplines for Irrigation in Kenya

Drip lines are emitter pipes that limit the wastage of water and excessive flow when irrigating crops at fields or hydroponic farming scenarios.
Driplines are suitable for point-to-point supply of water to individual plant holes in a line. This means that drip irrigation works in a well-organized crop spacing manner.

Driplines in Kenya

Driplines are available in various types specified for various crop types as per the emitter hole spacing.
We have 16 mm diameter driplines of 0.4mm wall thickness that range from 500 to 1000 m length in full rolls.

We have all driplines for irrigation in Kenya, drip kits for sale and irrigation accessories at affordable prices.

Driplines for Sale in Kenya

Driplines for Sale in Kenya by Aqua Hub are quality and durable with a uniform diameter and equal spacing of emitter holes.
Our drip emitters have either single or double emitter holes on the subsection of the pipe.

Driplines for Irrigation in Kenya

Emitter Hole Spacing

Dripline spacing can be 15cm, 20 cm and 30 cm, all suitable for various crops such as vegetables, flowers, and fruits.

How to Select Driplines in Kenya

Selecting suitable driplines for irrigation is a critical process that decides the effectiveness of your crop production.
A good dripline should be quality, durable and resistant to bad weather so that it saves you money and time.
Your farming process can continue well if your pipes and drip irrigation system consist of durable pipes.
You need to buy quality driplines and components that connects them to a complete drip irrigation system.

Quality suppliers are ideal for quality driplines and pipes with less fault and damage prone cases.

Drip Irrigation in Kenya

  • Drip Irrigation involves slow water delivery to crops using low pressure and simple irrigation systems.
  • Simple drip irrigation systems consist of a network of pipes, emitters, connectors, valves, and drip fittings.
  • Drip irrigation in Kenya is economic as it is less dependent on energy and labor to supply water.
  • After installation, it only needs maintenance to ensure it remains operational for a long time.

How to Install Drip Irrigation Kits : Simple DIY method

To set up a drip irrigation system, you need to get all the drip kits and drip lines that match your needs ready.

  1. Your farm is the starting point for a proper and effective drip irrigation system. You need a proper location for setting up your driplines and entire system.
  2. The next step is to prepare your farm, start by cultivating the land and later making the trenches for installation.
  3. Lay pipes and connect them using appropriate connectors and fittings to secure water flow from leakages.
  4. Once you connect the mainline pipes to the water source and to delivery pipes, space the driplines at least 1 m apart and join them to delivery pipes.
  5. Driplines remain on the surface while mainline and submain line pipes are buried on the trenches beneath the soil surface.
Drip Irrigation Installation in Ruai, Kenya

How to Benefit from Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation presents higher returns on income spent on your irrigation farming projects. However, it depends on how you maintain your driplines and entire system.
With proper maintenance of your driplines, you are aware of any problems and fix them quickly before further damage.

Advantages of Drip Irrigation

  • Drip Irrigation has better water delivery to the soil. It pours water to the exact root surfaces of the plant.
  • Less growth of weeds as driplines only waters the plant lines.
  • Driplines lower the impact of pests and diseases generally due less growth of weeds on the crop fields.
  • Advanced drip irrigation allows addition of fertilizer to crops through direct supply via driplines.
  • You can save a lot of water usage on your crop irrigation. Drip irrigation supplies water in small drop amounts to the soil thus less amount is used.
  • All plants get the same amount of water, and this results in equal growth rate and production at the required time. Crops such as beans and tomato ripe at nearly the same time because of equal growth rates.

Dripline Prices in Kenya

Prices of Driplines in Kenya vary according to the size of farm to irrigate. We often base our pricing as per acreage of a farm.

Size / Lines Per Bed1 Line2 Lines3 Lines
1 Acre65,00095,000130,000
1/2 Acre30,00045,00060,000
1/4 Acre16,00025,00035,000
1/8 Acre10,00015,00020,000

Dripline Suppliers in Kenya

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