Button Drippers for Orchards

Aqua Hub has quality plastic low pressure Button Drippers for Orchards, fruits, trees, and flowers.
Most varieties of garden crops thrive well in less waterlogged and moist soil. To meet these conditions, button drippers are suitable because they supply water slowly, in balance and higher flow rate than drip emitters.
Gardens plants consist of fruits and vegetables which need water nearly all the time throughout the season.

Garden Button Dripper Features

  • Massive flow rate and force of water cleans the button drippers and prevents clogging.
  • Pressure is lower, water can flow through gravity except for cases where the landscape is slightly hilly.
  • Barb inlet for ¾,1 inch pipe emitters
  • Hooked drippers that secure them on the hose delivery pipes.
  • Adjustable flow rates which can range from 0-70 L/h depending on the diameter and length of the hose pipe.
  • Hard quality HDPE plastic material which resists UV effect and functions effectively for a long time.
  • Balanced rate of irrigation to all crops in the gardens.
  • The wetting pattern is smaller unlike surface irrigation.

Button Drip System

  1. Pressure Compensating hose pipe (32 mm)
  2. Mainline HDPE Pipe
  3. Drip Connectors
  4. Button Drippers

Spacing of Button Drippers

Button Drippers for Orchards should be installed in equal intervals of between 30 and 50 cm apart. The sole determinant is the type of crop you want to irrigate. Garden crops especially trees and fruits require abundant spacing for sunlight and water balance.

Applications of Button Drippers

General Applications of Button Drippers are.

  • Irrigation of tree nurseries
  • Fertilizer supply to outfield crops. Pipes can be connected to fertilizer tanks and linked to drip hose to supply fertilizer equally to plants through button drippers.
  • Trees, hedges, compounds, and fruit irrigation.
  • Watering greenhouse crops. Button drip irrigation is suitable for greenhouses just like drip irrigation.
  • Irrigation of potted plants. Button drippers are convenient because drip hoses are flexible and bend easily to irrigate potted plants.

Cost of Button Drippers

Button drippers price is KES. 13 per unit cost at Aqua Hub Kenya.
Aqua Hub Kenya has adjustable button drippers that fit all pressure and non-pressure compensating pipes. Our prices are lower and client friendly.

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