Sprinkler Irrigation Kits in Kenya

Sprinkler Irrigation Kits in Kenya

Sprinkler Irrigation Kits in Kenya supply water to crops and lawns through a system of component pipes and sprinkler heads.

Specifications of Sprinkler Heads and Kits

  1. Made of durable plastic & brass body
  2. Stainless steel pivots and springs
  3. Works on a pressure rate of between up to 10 bars
  4. Spray radius up to 60 m.
  5. 0–360-degree sprinkler rotation.
Sprinkler Irrigation Kits in Kenya

Features of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

  • Uniform water Supply to Crops – Sprinkler systems irrigate crops at uniform moisture levels. With a uniform and recommended sprinkler spacing, water reaches all crops in the farm.
  • High wetting pattern – Due to rainlike sprays that sprinkler nozzles supply, the parts of the farm that receives moisture are large.
  • Ease of Installation – It is easy to set up and install sprinklers.
  • Allows fertilizer injection – It is possible to supply soluble fertilizers to plants as you only need to connect fertilizer kits to the mainline pipe connection.
  • Can enhance Spraying of Pesticides Micro sprinklers and sprayers are often used to spray chemicals to greenhouse crops.

Components of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems in Kenya

  • Lay flat hose pipe.
  • Sprinkler Heads or Rain gun sprinkler
  • Mainline HDPE pipe
  • Water Filters
  • Connectors
  • Ball Corks
  • Saddle Clamps
  • Laterals or risers
  • End Caps
  • Sprinkler Tripod Stands or stakes.
  • Flexible Tubing
  • Pumps
Sprinkler Irrigation Kits in Kenya

How Does Sprinkler Irrigation Kits Work?

A Spray technology where sprinklers release water through nozzles and a rotation of the head part makes irrigation easier.

This method mostly works for crops with lower fungal disease infection and those that require cooling. For example, in greenhouses, temperatures are high during the day and small sprinklers can be used to cool crops.

The benefit of sprinkler irrigation is the adequate and uniform water supply to crops due to higher flow rates. The systems work under high pressure to achieve high flow rates.

Sprinkler irrigation types

  • Lawn Sprinklers – For irrigation of lawns, residential compounds and parks. Lawn sprinklers have unique riser and retraction feature for effective irrigation.
  • Rain Gun Sprinkler Systems – Rain gun sprinklers are high pressure sprinklers with higher flow rates. Ideal for large crops and commercial irrigation farming.
  • Micro-Sprinkler systems – Small sprinklers for greenhouse irrigation farming. Characterized by small sprinkler head and tiny nozzles
  • Overhead Sprinkler systems

Benefits of Sprinkler Irrigation Kits in Kenya

  1. Sprinkler irrigation kits are less expensive as compared to drip irrigation systems. You can use one movable sprinkler to irrigate a large farm and cut the cost of other sprinkler heads.
  2. They are available in various types, uses and sizes. Sprinkler heads and kits come in different materials and standard flow rates and sizes to choose from.
  3. Sprinkler systems are versatile in applications. They have a wide range of uses ranging from irrigation farming to industrial uses.
  4. Sprinklers can irrigate many crop types that have high water requirement rates.
  5. Low dry patches since sprinkler heads can rotate and have more than one nozzle to increase wetting pattern.
  6. Sprinklers can be automated to irrigate crops at certain times depending on the weather and water availability.
  7. Sprinklers reduce labour cost and inconvenience of other methods of crop irrigation.
  8. Sprinkler irrigation can work on any type of landscape as it supplies water under high pressure achieved with pumps.

Sprinkler Irrigation Kit Prices in Kenya

The cost of sprinkler irrigation kits in Kenya varies from KES 150 to KES 20,000 depending on the size and type.

Where To Buy Sprinkler Irrigation Kits in Kenya

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