Rain Hose Irrigation System by Aqua Hub

Rain Hose Irrigation System

Rain pipe irrigation system is a method of watering crops in which water is distributed through a network of pipes that are placed above the crops. Get your rain hose irrigation system for crop irrigation by Aqua Hub Kenya.

What is a Rain Hose Pipe?

A rain hose pipe has small openings on the entire length, which releases sprays of water to crops.

A rain hose pipe connects to the water source on one end and is laid on the plant line.

Specifications of a Rain Hose Pipe

  • Available in diameter sizes of 32mm, 40mm and 50mm.
  • Made of UV treated and non-corrosive PE material.
  • Emitter hole size ranges from 0.5mm -1 mm.
  • Spray radius of 1.5-6 m depending on diameter size
  • Roll length 1000 m/acre

Where to apply Rain Hose Irrigation System

This method of irrigation is often used in areas where there is limited access to water, as it allows farmers to efficiently distribute the water, they have available for their crops. It can be applicable in slightly hilly or gently sloping regions where drip or furrow irrigation are not practical.

How Rain Hose Pipes work

Rain hose pipes work under high pressure to enhance continuous spray jets of water from emitter holes. It requires a pressure of 0.8-1.5 bar for it to operate.
When water is flows the rain pipe releases water in thin spray jets from its numerous small holes. The sprays wet the ground faster and can reach a height of 2 m and a spray radius of up to 6 m depending on the diameter of the rain hose pipe.

Requirements for a Rain Hose System

  1. PVC mainline pipe
  2. Rain Hose Tape
  3. Connector
  4. End cap
  5. Ball valve
  6. Elbow, tee, and HDPE Ball valves
  7. Water Filters

Depending on the water source you may need fittings and connectors to enhance leak-free connection and efficiency in your rain hose system. The common areas to source water are tanks, rivers, wells, and dams, which may have silt accumulated water. This means that you will need to use an irrigation water filter to trap sand and other dirt particles which can block pipes.

Crops suitable for Rain Hose Irrigation System

  • Vegetables such as Sukuma wiki, cabbage, spinach, and garlic.
  • Lawns
  • Fruits and orchards such as avocado, mangoes and strawberries.
  • Vegetable and tree seedlings

Connecting Rain Hose System

  1. Prepare the farm for Installation of rain hose irrigation system. Remove obstacles such as rocks and tree trunks.
  2. Dig trenches for installation of mainline PVC or HDPE pipes.
  3. Lay Mainline pipes on the trenches and connect them to the tanks or water source.
  4. Connect Mainline pipes to the sub-mainline pipe connection.
  5. Join the sub-mainline pipe to the rain hose pipe. You can use a rain hose connector or saddle clamp to fit a rain pipe to the sub-mainline pipe.
  6. Where necessary, connect rain hose pipes together using rain hose connectors.
  7. Close the end of rain hose pipe using end caps.
  8. Open water connection to test the operation of the system.

Layout of Rain Hose Systems

Rain hose systems can be laid as a single pipe, or as a series of pipes in a parallel and uniform distance from each other. It only depends on the size of your farm or sections you divide your farms into. Large farms obviously need to be subdivided into sections to enhance ease of irrigation and efficiency.

Advantages of Rain Hose Irrigation System

  • Efficient and easy to use.
  • Distributes water equally to the entire fields.
  • Adequate moisture supply to crops.
  • Low maintenance and labour costs.
  • Wide spray radius.
  • Supplies water to all parts of the field.
  • Less costly to purchase and install compared to drip.

Rain Hose Prices in Kenya

A rain hose pipe is sold per 100m roll. Price depends on the diameter size.

Diameter Size (mm)Length (metres)Cost (KES)
32 mm50 3,500
40 mm50 5,500
50 mm507,500

Rain Hose Kits Suppliers in Kenya

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