Quality Petrol Water Pumps for Better Irrigation

Petrol water pumps

Aqua Hub Kenya has a set of low and high-pressure water petrol pumps to provide power to move tons of water needed for irrigation activities.

Best Water Pump Brands in Kenya

Our pumps come from the best world-class manufacturers in Italy, UK, and Japan. Petrol pumps are the most used type of centrifugal pumps. Centrifugal pumps are pumps that have the self-priming capability.

They have many applications starting from home water supply to aquatic and industrial uses.

How Effective are Petrol Pumps?

They are more effective compared to diesel and electric pumps. Unlike electric pumps, they are durable and requires less energy to pump water.

Self-priming action refers to the feature where a pump automatically primes itself without requiring external priming. Once the pump is on, it removes air in the suction pipe and displaces the water existing in the priming chamber. The impeller creates a vacuum thus allowing water to enter through the suction pipe because of a push by atmospheric pressure.

How a Centrifugal Pump Works

Water enters the pump through the suction pipe and is set into rotation by the impeller connected to the engine, before being conveyed into the delivery pipe at a certain speed and pressure.

Petrol Water Pumps for Irrigation

Petrol water pumps

It is common to use petrol and diesel pumps for irrigation in the countryside or remote areas. Semi-urban areas also use pumps to push water through irrigation pipes. The reason is obviously due to the efficient operation and durability of petrol engine pumps. They offer high flow rates even at relatively low-pressure ratings.

How to Use Water Pumps in Irrigation

A water pump pushes water through a connection of water pipes and fittings to enhance supply to areas of use in farm or residential buildings.

To implement water pumps in supplying irrigation water, your source needs to be of reliable water volume. Reliable water sources enhance the effectiveness of the pump as it prevents it from sucking mud and silt particles. It is therefore good to ensure your water source is a dam, river or well that does not run dry easily.

Steps of Applying Pumps in Irrigation

Preparing a petrol or diesel water pump for irrigation is just simple and less technical. Just connect the water pump to the source using a flexible suction hose pipe and connect the delivery hose pipes to the pump. Connect irrigation devices such as sprinkler heads or sprayers to the delivery pipe ends.

Prime and start the pump to enhance the water supply to the destination or farm sections in our case.

The success of your irrigation depends on the efficiency and positioning of the pump near the water source.

Other Applications of Petrol Pumps

  1. Supplying or Pumping water to Storage tanks for domestic uses. You can pump water to high-raised tanks using petrol pumps for use in cleaning and other domestic uses.
  2. Distributing water to buildings in residential areas. For example, from basement tanks to upper buildings or rooftops.
  3. Distributing water to construction sites.
  4. Suction of stagnant water from pits or other trenches in compounds.
  5. Draining water from swimming pools when the need for cleaning arises and pumping back after cleaning.
  6. For emergency removal of water from flooded buildings and rooms in residential areas.

Precautions for Petrol Water Pumps

  • They are only ideal for pumping water and other less viscous or light fluids.
  • Avoid using petrol pumps in fire extinguishers.
  • Do not pump water that contains solid particles using centrifugal petrol pumps.
  • Not suitable for supply of fluids above 40 degrees temperature.

Prices of Water Pumps in Kenya

Model/ Brand of the PumpSize of the Pump (inches)Price (KES.)
 AICO2                                  18,000.00
AICO3                                  20,000.00
HONDA2                                  40,000.00
HONDA3                                  43,000.00

Get Petrol and Diesel Pumps at Aqua Hub Kenya

We are a reliable petrol water pumps supplier in Kenya with the best brands of pumps in the world.

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