Quality Button Drippers in Kenya

Quality button drippers

Quality Button drippers are suitable for use in high water requirements drip line applications. They are suitable for high water needs in trees, flowers, seedlings, fruits, and orchards.

Reasons for Use of Button Emitters | Drippers?

Cheap and less costly to maintain.

Button drippers are affordable as compared to drip emitters. You are less likely to spend more on purchasing and maintenance of button drippers.

Water Supply is Sufficient

With button drippers plants meet the required water needs for growth. Fruits and trees need high water intake possible with button drippers.

Adjustable flow rates

You can adjust the flow rate of your drippers to suit the season or conditions of the day. During humid days you can adjust the knobs to lower the flow and increase the flow rate on dry days.

Wide range of Applications

Button drippers are suitable for irrigation of numerous types of flowers, trees, and fruits.

Specifications of Button Drippers

  • Requires a filter of 130-micron size.
  • Punch diameter needed 9 mm size.
  • Works under pressure rates of 0.5 -2 bar
  • Quality Button drippers made of Plastic body surface with threaded removable cap
  • Barbed inlet Section
  • Available in colours of red, black, green, and brown.


  • Made of Virgin UV treated plastic materials. The UV treatment prevents harmful radiation from damaging the drippers.
  • Resistance to corrosion and damage
  • Pressure compensating. Some drippers distribute water even in uneven landscapes.
  • Removable cap with threads that can enhance easier cleaning.
  • The cap has marks that denote the adjustment of flow rate. + marks to illustrate the increase in flow rate and – marks to illustrate reduction in flow rate.
  • The adjustment produces clicks (opening sound) that can be used to calculate flow rate.
  • Narrow shaped inlet filters some levels of dirt.
  • In some cases, colour coding denotes the flow rate of a button dripper.

How to install Button Drippers

Button drippers work on a drip irrigation system. The setup and network of pipes is like that of a drip irrigation system. The difference is that delivery pipes uses button drippers instead of emitter holes.

To install button drippers, follow the steps below.

  1. Set up the tank connection including stands and attach a tank connector.
  2. Dig trenches for mainline pipes.
  3. Lay main line pipes & sub main line pipes.
  4. Make Hydrants. Control section.
  5. Connect the hydrant to the tank connector.
  6. Connect the sub mainline pipes to the hydrant (contains control valves and filtration unit)
  7. Connect mainline and sub mainline pipes to the riser pipes.
  8. Attach delivery PE Pipes
  9. Make holes on the delivery pipe.
  10. Push the barbed end of the button dripper to the holes on the delivery pipe.
  11. Open the water connection to test the system.

Which Pipe to Connect to a Button Dripper

Online button drippers connect to 16mm PE pipes laid on a plant line. The spacing of Button drippers depends on the crop spacing distance.

How to Choose Button Drippers for Your Water Needs

Are you looking for the right button dripper irrigation? Here are the questions you need to ask yourself.

What is the desired flow rate for your crop?

Learn the water requirements of your plant as per the agronomic recommendations. Use the information to determine the right dripper. Choose between adjustable or non-adjustable.

What is the quality of your water?

Consider the quality of your water source. If the water is dirty, use button drippers that are easier to open and clean.

Which crop are you growing?

It is the specific crop type that guides you to choosing the right button dripper for your irrigation needs. Adjustable Button Drippers have varying flow rates thus a good choice for a variety of crops.

Uses of Drippers

  1. Watering Orchards and field crops
  2. Greenhouse crop irrigation
  3. Irrigation of trees and flowers.
  4. Water supply to fruits such as avocado, mango, strawberries, raspberries, and grapes.
  5. Watering tree seedlings and mature trees
Quality button drippers

Price of Button Drippers at Aqua Hub Kenya

Button drippers are KES 13 per piece at Aqua Hub Kenya. We deal in quality adjustable button drippers at affordable rates.

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What should I Consider when Choosing Button Drippers?

Consider the flow rate, crop type and quality of water in your irrigation system.

What are the applications of Button Drippers?

Irrigation of orchards, greenhouse crops, fruits, trees and flowers.

What is the price of Button Drippers in Kenya?

KES 13 per piece.

What is the Pressure rating of adjustable Button Drippers?

Between 0.5-2 bar

How Can I Install Button Drippers to a Drip Irrigation System?

Lay and connect mainline pipes.
Connect the mainline pipes to the delivery pipes
Make holes on the delivery pipes using a punch hole maker.
Insert barbed end of button drippers to the holes.

What crops are suitable for Button Drippers?

Button drippers are ideal for garden crops and fruits such as citrus, avocado, mango, strawberry and raspberries. Trees are also watered with button drippers.

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