Passion Fruit Drip kit

Passion Fruit Drip kit

Passion Fruit Drip kit | Passion fruit is a very productive and profitable fruit in Kenya.
It grows higher and twines around trees, fences or buildings and produces numerous fruits all year round.
The fruit has a high demand both in Kenya and foreign markets. Passion fruit requires a lot of water and good drainage soil for a higher yield.

Why it is good to Apply Drip Irrigation for Passion Fruits

Passion Fruit Drip kit

Drip irrigation is the proper and suitable method of watering passion fruits as it offers water to the roots of the plants in a precise and constant manner.
Drip irrigation also enhances soil fertility retention and supply of fertilizer to passion plants to enhance productivity.

Passion Fruit Drip Kit Requirements

To set up a drip irrigation system for passion fruits, you require:

  1. HDPE pipes
  2. Control Valves
  3. Fittings and connectors
  4. Drip emitters
  5. Tanks and stands.
  6. Pump unit
  7. Fertilizer unit
  8. Drip fittings – offtake, middle and end connectors.
  9. Glue sealant
  10. End caps
  11. Filters
  12. Punch or hole maker

Passion fruit drip emitter specifications

  • Flow rate ranging from 6 to 12 l/h
  • Drip emitter spacing of 30 cm.
  • Diameter of 16 mm

Propagating passion fruits

Passion fruits are grown from propagated seedlings. Transplanting the seedlings requires care to avoid it from losing the fertile soil held by roots.
The plant should be planted in holes of about 30-50 cm deep to enhance firm and strong stems.
Support structures should be built on the planting lines 2 weeks or before planting. It mostly involves, tall and strong erected poles to offer support for the twining plant.

Prices of Passion Fruit Drip Kits

Farm Size (acre)1 line per bed (KSH)2 lines per bed(KSH)3 lines per bed (KSH)
 ½  28,00040,00050,000

Purchasing Passion Fruit Drip Kits

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