Onion Drip Kit-1 Acre

Onion Drip Kit-1 Acre |Drip irrigation is the frequent and slow application of water directly to the root zones of crops.
Water is applied to plants through a line source or pipes with closely spaced emitter holes which discharge water via droplets.

Drip Kits for Onions in Kenya

Onion Drip Kit-1 Acre

Drip irrigation Kits are components or devices that enhance the application of water to plants in the form of drops or steady flow. They include pipes, fittings and water storage equipment connected to enhance precise irrigation.
Aqua Hub Kenya is committed to ensure maximum production of onions and other food products through embracing drip irrigation. With our effective and economical drip irrigation kits, farmers can produce more and become food secure and independent.

Why Onion Drip Kits are Important

Onions are delicate crops that require more water but have high risk of fungal and bulb diseases. With drip irrigation, water does not wet the leaves hence no risk of diseases. Drip irrigation can be controlled through valves at any point to prevent excess watering and wastage.

Requirements For 1 Acre Onion Drip Kits

In order to irrigate an acre of farm or manage to set up a drip irrigation scheme on your farm, you need to acquire the following components;

  • HDPE pipes for Mainline connection & sub mainline connection for supplying water and fertilizers from the control head to plant lines
  • Connector fittings
  • Control head – consists of valves to regulate flow of water
  • Drip tapes or emitters supply water to plant roots
  • Tanks or wells for water source
  • Filtration kits to remove particles that may clog pipes
  • Fertilizer tank for mixing soluble fertilizers and nutrients

Onion Drip Emitter Specifications

An onion drip tape should have the following specifications:

  1. Discharge rate – The flow rate at the recommended pressure. About 12 L/h.
  2. Pressure rate – Low pressure rates. Less than 8 bars.
  3. Optimum Drip tape Length – A full drip tape is 1000 m long.
  4. Diameter – 16 mm drip tape
  5. Spacing – Onion drip tapes should have emitter spacing of 15 or 20 cm.

Prices of Onion Drip Kit-1 Acre

No of Drip Lines per BedCost of Required Drip Kits (Kenyan Shillings)

Where To Buy Onion Drip Kits

Aqua Hub Kenya
Call 0790719020

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