Lawn Sprinklers in Kenya

Lawn Sprinklers in Kenya

Lawn Sprinklers in Kenya are available in wide range of options including butterfly, high- and low-pressure sprinklers, pop-up sprinklers and movable sprinklers.
Pop-up sprinklers are the best sprinklers for irrigation of lawns, sports fields, parks, and compounds.

Lawn Sprinklers in Kenya by Aqua Hub

Aqua Hub Kenya is the best supplier of lawn sprinklers; we have wide range of sprinkler types of different pressure ratings.

What are Pop-up Sprinklers?

Pop-up Sprinklers are effective sprinklers with a smart sprinkler head that rises once water flowing under high pressure hits the sprinkler head.
They are made of a plastic and metallic body with a spring built inside to enhance rise.

Types of Pop-up Sprinklers

  • Plastic Pop-ups – made of plastic body on the entire surface.
  • Metallic Pop-up sprinklers – Made of metallic surface.

Features of Pop-up Sprinklers

Automatic Rise and Retraction

The sprinkler head design pops out to a height of 2-12 inches to release water to your lawns. It falls back in place after irrigation is complete.

Automated timers

The pop-up sprinkler systems use automatic timers that can be set to irrigate the lawns for a certain amount of time.


Some pop-up sprinkler systems relate to automatic moisture sensors on the soil. Low moisture content in the soil makes the sensors trigger the system to irrigate.
High moisture content makes irrigation stops.

Spray radius

They have a spray radius ranging from 6-12 m depending on the size of the sprinkler head.

Buried Part of Sprinkler head

The entire surface of the sprinkler is below the ground surface except for a small part of the sprinkler head that rises.

Dirt filter

It has a mesh filter that traps dirt and soil particles inside the water before it reaches the nozzle.

Components of Lawn/ Pop-up Sprinklers in Kenya

  • Water Source
  • Surface Water Pump
  • Automated timers
  • HDPE mainline pipe
  • HDPE fittings
  • Ball Valves
  • Clamps
  • Hose pipes
  • Pop-up sprinkler heads
  • Sensors
  • Cables for electrical pump connections.

How Pop-up Sprinklers work

Lawn Sprinklers in Kenya

Water flowing under high pressure causes the sprinkler head to rise and release water through the nozzle. The spray radius depends on the size of the nozzle and pressure of the water flow in the system. The filter traps dust and particles that could block the nozzle.
Once lawn sprinkler irrigation is over or the timer turned off, the sprinkler head retracts back to the ground.

How to Install Lawn Sprinklers

  • Before installing pop-up sprinklers, we need to dig trenches for water supply pipe connection.
  • Install a water pump and connect it to the water source. Link the timer system to the mainline supply system and join it to the pump.
  • Connect the main line pipe and join to a control valve. Place hose pipes to the trenches 2 ft deep and connect it to the sprinkler end on the end point.
  • Cover the trenches and start the timers to test the connection.

Choice of Lawn Sprinklers in Kenya

When it comes to selecting lawn sprinklers, you need to consider some factors that help you know the right lawn sprinkler for you.


The material of a sprinkler head will determine how long it can last. Both metallic and plastic pop-up sprinklers are durable and strong. Metallic body sprinklers last for a longer time than plastic ones.

Spray radius

Choose the size that matches the spray radius of your garden. If you go with a large spray radius, you can install few sprinklers in lawn.

Flow rate

The choice of a lawn sprinkler should match the water needs of your lawns.


The size of your lawn field determines which sprinkler head sizes to buy. A sprinkler size matches the spray radius it can do and pressure of flow.

Going with size, you can easily know how many sprinklers you require for your lawn irrigation.


Always choose from quality and reputable brands such as hunter and gear driven sprinkler heads.

How to Space Pop-up/Lawn Sprinklers

Space sprinklers according to the size of the sprinkler head and spray radius. For small area coverage sprinklers, you need a spacing of around 15 inches apart. Large coverage (¾ inch) needs to be installed 25 feet apart.

Timespan of Watering Lawns

You can irrigate your lawns for about 20 to 30 minutes duration depending on your soil types and spray radius. The soil retention rate will determine the time span to water.
For instance, sand soils require longer and more frequent irrigation times of at least 4 times a week.

How to maintain Lawn Sprinklers

For the proper and continuous effectiveness of your pop-sprinklers, you need keep your lawns shorter around the sprinkler heads.

This ensure that it does not get damaged when mowing your lawns and free from clogging dirt.

Lawn Sprinkler Prices in Kenya

The cost of lawn sprinklers in Kenya is by the size of the sprinkler head. We have ½” at KES 2,500 and ¾” at KES 3,700 pop-up sprinklers at affordable prices in Aqua Hub LTD.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Lawn Sprinkler to use?

Pop-up Sprinkler head

What is the cost of a Pop-up Sprinkler?

½ inch costs KES 2,500 while ¾ inch costs KES 3,700

Which is the recommended spacing for a Pop-up Sprinkler?

15 inches – ½ inch
25 inches – ¾ inch

How long should I water my Lawns?

20-30 minutes depending on the size of the lawn.

What is the Spray radius for Pop-up Sprinklers?

6-12 m as per the size.

How do I clean the Sprinkler head?

Open the sprinkler head and remove the mesh filter. Wipe it and clean it using hydrochloric acid to remove dirt.

Where is lawn Sprinklers sold?

Aqua Hub Kenya

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