Irrigation Water Filters

Irrigation Water Filters

Filters are necessary in irrigation systems to trap soil and other dirt particles that can hinder or block water movement in pipes.
Filters are applicable in irrigation systems such as drip irrigation which usually encounters clogging in the water emitter pipes.
There are three types of water filters:

  • Screen filters – plastic filters with cloth-like screen filters to separate soil from water.
  • Disc Filters – filters made of compressed discs to trap particles in water.
  • Sand Filters – Customized filters that uses sand to trap particles.

At what level should Irrigation Water be filtered?

The level of filtration that a filter meets depends on the irrigation system you employ.
Irrigation systems with tiny water emitters such as drip irrigation and rain hose systems require high particle filtration.

How can you measure the degree of filtration?

To determine the degree of filtration of an irrigation filter, you either use the mesh size or the particle size (microns) that can pass through the screen filter.

How does an Irrigation water filter work?

Screen Filter

Irrigation Water Filters

A screen water filter has water entrance and outlet to allow filtered water into the drip lines or supply pipes.
The water enters the screen and passes through the screen sieve leaving particles behind. The mesh surface traps the particles since it has small holes that can only allow water very small micron particles to pass through.

Sand Filter

Sand Filter
A sand filter functions using sand particle layers placed inside the filter can. Sand acts as the screen filter that traps the dirt and other particles in water. Large sand particles and gravel are placed on the bottom of the container and small or fine sand particles placed on top. The container holds the sand layers together and prevents leaking of the water.

Disc Filter

Disc water filters takes the shape of a DVD or ring-like. The rings connect together to form a hollow or channels. The discs have perforations which are smaller on the outside and gets tiny on the inside wall. As water enters the from the outside, the discs trap large solid particles on the outside and smaller ones on the inner parts of the discs.

Irrigation Water Filter Sizes and Costs

Size (mm)Price(KES)
25 mm800/=
32 mm1,000/=
50 mm2,500/=
60 mm3,500/=

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