Hydroponic Systems for Sale

Hydroponic Systems for Sale

Hydroponic systems for sale are new modern ways of growing plants without planting them directly on the soil.

Importance of Hydroponic Farming

  • Hydroponic systems are effective, economical, and more productive than direct farming in the fields.
  • Normal soil can be subject to erosion, leaching, and excess watering thus may lower the rate of growth of crops.
  • Hydroponic systems have good drainage features, are protected from evaporation and nutrient leach.
Hydroponic Systems for Sale
  • Support structures or containers hold plants with special types of soil which can be ready to use coco peat or peat moss.
  • Hydroponic farming is a solution to the challenge of limited land for cultivation. With effective and well-designed hydroponic systems, you can grow and produce more from a small garden.

Types of Hydroponic Systems

Wick Systems

  • The wick systems are cheaper hydroponic systems to use. They do not require electricity or pumps for nutrients to reach plants.
  • Wick systems involve plants placed directly within absorbents like vermiculite.
  • Before the plants are plunged straight down into the nutrition solution, nylon wicks are placed around them.
  • Wick systems are good for smaller crops, herbs and vegetables such as kales, broccoli, spinach and eggplants.

Drip Systems

  • Drip irrigation systems is the most practical hydroponic systems in Kenya. It offers a better way for plants to grow with its precise and steady supply of water and nutrients to plant roots directly.
  • Drip irrigation is customizable to meet your growing needs and budget as per your farm sizes. We help you access quality drip irrigation kits and install them on your farm at affordable prices.
  • Drip irrigation kits are ideal for vegetables, onions, tomato, fruits, beans, capsicum, and flowers.

Coco Peat

  • Coco Peat is a simple effective and ideal planting medium for propagation of seedlings and young plants like vegetables and fruits. This planting substance is organic, made of coconut husks, thus contains better water retention and nutrient holding capacity.
  • It is light and therefore enhances easier and faster germination of seeds and root development. You can use coco peat alone or mix it with soil.

Water Culture Systems

  • With water culture systems plant roots suspend into the nutrient solution inside growing pots or small buckets.
  • Air for plant growth is diffused into the nutrient solution using an air bubbler for easier access via crop roots.
  • Suitable for growth of vegetables, flowers, groundnuts, and smaller fruits such as strawberries.
Hydroponic Systems for Sale

Aeroponic Systems

  • Aeroponic systems involve the use of misters or sprayers to supply water and nutrients to plants. Plants suspend in the air and misters release water in form of fog to the suspended roots for direct absorption by roots.
  • Suspension of plants enhances easier absorption of air hence efficient for growth.
  • Misters connects to the pump directly hence the speed and ease of spray depends on the pressure of the pump.
  • Aeroponic systems are effective though not ideal for growing of large plants.

Benefits of Hydroponic Systems for Sale

Water Saving

Hydroponic systems save a lot of water since irrigation is by drip irrigation method.

Low Disease Transmission

Soil and common crop diseases are at a lower chance of occurring because the hydroponic systems are in a control environment such as a greenhouse structure.
Furthermore, hydroponic systems or structures have plants grown in line or in a less crowded manner thereby reducing risk of diseases and pests.

Proper Weed Control

There is no room for growth of weeds since each container in a hydroponic structure holds one plant. The type of growing medium (coco peat) does not support growth of weeds since it has less nutrient reach.

Balance in Water and Nutrient Supply

Hydroponic systems enhance equal flow of water rich in nutrients to each plant. This is possible through drip irrigation method on the hydroponic structure.

No Energy Requirement

With hydroponic systems all the nutrients and water flow through gravitational pressure or low pressure. Generally, no electricity, fuel or manpower is required for water to reach crops.

Less Evaporation

Water loss is very much lower since the growth medium retains as much water as it can. Furthermore, mulching, or protective greenhouse structures prevents much evaporation.

Choosing a Better Hydroponic System

To choose a good method that suits your growing, you need to understand all types of hydroponic systems and requirements.

We are here to help you in case you need assistance in choosing or setting up any hydroponic systems.

Hydroponic Systems for Sale in Kenya (Where can I Buy)

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We support farmers by supplying quality hydroponic systems for sale at affordable prices. Our common hydroponic systems are drip irrigation systems in Kenya, coco peat and simple wick systems.
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