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Greenhouse nets come in different light filtration levels according to the type and design of the fabric. Nets applicable as ventilation nets are shade and insect nets of various gauge or mesh levels ranging from 30 to 90 percent level.

Role of Nets; Why are they Used?

Shade nets and insect nets are the best materials for temperature regulation in a greenhouse environment. Insect nets are mainly for preventing the entry of insects into the inside while still regulating temperature.

How Nets Regulate the temperature in a Greenhouse

Depending on the region or area where you choose to locate your greenhouse, the position to fix greenhouse nets will vary. Shade nets can be attached to the roof to reduce the impact of sunlight on shade-loving crops.

It can also be used together with polythene covers to lower the effect of sunlight on delicate crops, and seedlings.

Type of Greenhouse Shade Nets

Shade nets for greenhouses are available in knitted fabrics which filter the sun’s rays in different percentages.

  • 35 % Shade net – Reduces the sunlight intensity by 35 percent.
  • 55 % – Reduces the sunlight intensity by 45 %
  • 75 % – lowers 75 percent of the sun’s rays.
  • 90 %  – blocks 90 percent amount of the sun

The dimension of a netting material is 4 by 50 M.

Specifications of Greenhouse Nets

  • Shade Nets and insect nets are available in UV-treated fabrics
  • Insect nets come in smaller mesh sizes of 60 – 80-micron size
  • Insect nets are white in color.
  • Shade nets can be black or green in color.

How to Choose Greenhouse Nets

The decision to buy and apply greenhouse nets to your greenhouse structure requires an assessment of some factors below. They include.

  • Crop type: The type of crops you want to grow matters when choosing the ideal net to purchase. Sunlight requirement varies from crop to crop therefore the need to choose an ideal filtration level.
  • Area or Region – In high-altitude areas, the temperature is lower, and therefore a shade net with a lower filtration level is good. In areas with low altitude regions, you need high filtration levels.
  • Durability – Choose UV-treated nets as they are resistant to UV radiation and harsh weather.
  • Purpose – Consider the intended use of the nets in your greenhouse. If you want to lower the temperature, consider shade nets. On the other hand, if your intended purpose for a net is to block insects, select insect nets.
  • Cost Prices – Consider nets that are within your pocket budget. Aqua Hub’s greenhouse nets come in a wide range of affordable fabrics.

Benefits of Greenhouse Nettings

Proper control and Regulation of Temperature

Agricultural Nettings have an impact on the temperature regulation in the greenhouse environment. By reducing the sunlight reaching the plants, it prevents high temperatures that can be unfavorable.

Control Over Pest

Insect net fabric prevent the entry of crop-damaging pests and insects. With small micron-level mesh, nets can keep away very tiny insects such as whiteflies.

UV Protection

The UV-treated fabrics are resistant to High UV radiation effects. UV-resistant fabrics are good for use in areas with harsh weather conditions such as cold and hot environments.

Crop Protection

Crops are safe from the outer environment which could be unfavorable for growth.  It also prevents Destructive birds, insects, pests, and diseases from the growing environment.

Cost of Greenhouse Nets in Kenya

Greenhouse nets are sold at different prices as per the filtration level. The cost ranges from KES 13,000 to KES 37,000.

Insect nets cost KES 110 per square meter.

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