Garden Shade Nets: Ideal for Seedling Propagation

Garden Shade Nets

Propagation of seedlings is a critical process in crop production as seeds require garden shade nets for optimum conditions and a lot of care.

Seedlings are delicate and cannot tolerate stress due to premature root and leave development.

Role of Shade Nets

Shade nets protect crops from protection from strong sunlight intensity, winds and exposure to pests or diseases.

Moreover, they lower evaporation rates in the soil and making moisture available for plants.

Garden Shade Nets by Aqua Hub

How can we attain a suitable environment free from pests and diseases to enhance proper seed germination? Aqua Hub Kenya provides shade nets to curb growing challenges to farmers at convenient charges.

We have garden shade nets, solutions that have no complex or manual to use.

What are Garden Shade Nets?

Shade Nets are mesh fabric that offers sunlight protective barrier to crops. These fabrics block certain sunlight rays depending on the mesh percentage of sunlight filtration.

Available Filtration Levels

Fabric sunlight filtration levels are available in 35 %, 55%, 75% and 90%.

Each mesh level allows the remainder of its own sunlight filtration from the full potential sunlight percentage.

Crops Percentage Shade Net Filtration Requirement

  • 35 % and 55% levels are suitable for growing vegetables such as lettuce, and spinach.
  • 75% is good for fruit and tree seedlings.
  • 90 % shade nets offers proper shades for shade loving plants such as herbs and mushrooms.

Specifications of Aqua Hub Nursery Shade Nets in Kenya

  • Available in Black and green colors.
  • Standard shade net roll sizes of 4 by 50 m.
  • Packaged in rolls.
  • Mesh filtration levels 35%,55%,75% and 90%.
  • Knitted shade nets made of UV treated polythene material.

Garden Shade Net Structures

These are simple or complex constructions with shade nets that houses your seedlings or crops.
Garden shade net structures can be simple wooden structures or metal frames joining together and a net covering the entire structure.

We construct custom shade net structure sizes for our clients depending on the size of their seed beds.

Garden Shade Nets

How Garden Netting Regulates Temperature

Garden Shade nets have mesh-like fabric with spaces for air exchange and, temperature and humidity levels cannot exceed optimal levels.
Temperature regulation rates depend on the percentage of filtration of a particular garden net. The higher the rate of sunlight filtration, the less the temperature thus less water loss and vice versa.

Benefits of Shade Nets for Seedling Propagation

  • All seedlings germinate and mature fully since they are free from harsh sunlight energy.
  • Seedlings maintain and access water since evaporation levels are low.
  • It reduces the cost of irrigation and labor for watering seedlings.
  • Seedlings mature faster because they get access to necessary conditions.
  • Seedlings are free from diseases and insects.
  • Shade nets keep destructive animals and birds away from seedlings.
  • It is easier to transplant seedlings grown in seedling houses.
  • Shade nets are durable due to UV treatment in the material of manufacture.
  • It has versatile applications in cultivation of several crops.
  • Ease in installation and maintenance
  • Allows water and air to reach plants.

Uses of Shade Nets

  1. Shade Nets are good for seedling propagation.
  2. Growing of shade loving crops such as lettuce, Orchids, geranium, and ferns
  3. Cultivation of flowers such as roses, lilies, and pyrethrum.
  4. Growth of herbs and mushrooms.

Shade Net Prices in Kenya

The prices for 35 %, 55%, 75% and 90 % Garden shade nets are KES 16,000, KES 19,000, KES 26,000, and KES 36,000 respectively.

Garden Shade Net Suppliers in Kenya

Aqua Hub Kenya

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