Dam Liners Supplier in Kenya

Dam Liners supplier

Dam reinforcement starts with the purchase of quality lining material from the best dealer in the country. Aqua Hub Kenya is not just a dealer, we are popular and reliable dam liners supplier in Kenya known for best installation.

Dam Liners Supplier and Installation Expert : Aqua Hub

According to our long-term involvement in dam liner supply and installation, we know how to identify quality materials. Therefore, we advise fish, and irrigation farmers to approach us for sales, projects to do with dam liner installation, and other irrigation materials.

Dam Liner Features

  • Sizes are available in dimensions of 8 x 50 m.
  • The Colors are black to allow the absorption of heat.
  • Dam liners are smooth and flexible for even lining on the surface of a pond or dam.

Factors to Observe when Choosing Dam Liners

Just like other irrigation materials, dam liners exist in different qualities with varying strength, resistance, and durability. Due to the variation in aspects water water-holding strength, resistance to damage, and longevity, liners have different applications.

So, the relevant factors to consider are.

  • Material type – dam liners are plastic polymers but exist in three different types namely HDPE, PVC, and LDPE types. HDPE liners are most effective in terms of resistance, durability, and range of uses.
  • UV resistance – This refers to the rate at which a material can withstand harsh sunlight energy. HDPE materials are UV-treated dam liners.
  • Strength – The resistance of a material to wear, tear, and friction forces. Due to its high density and tough nature, dam liners resist damage. HDPE again exhibits a higher density compared to the rest.
  • Cost – Consider the price at which a liner sells to determine whether it is viable for your project.
  • Environmental Safety – Assessing the risk of a liner to the environment including aquatic animals and water. Dam liners are safe for use in the environment as they do not release chemicals.
  • Thickness size – Choose dam liners as per the thickness size. It depends on the intended use of a liner. For instance, dam liners for sewage systems or septic tanks should be of higher thickness to ensure a lower risk of leakages.

Dam Liners Supplier Cost : Best Price in Kenya

Dam liner prices are friendly at our shops, and it all varies with the thickness level and size.

The thickness sizes are available from 0.3 mm (Lower) to 1mm (highest).  The thickness sizes are tailored for specific use in water management.

Look at the price table below for the dam liner cost.

Dam Liner ThicknessCost Per Square Meter(KES)
0.3 mm150
0.5 mm230
0.75 mm340
1 mm450

What Makes Liners Applicable for water Conservation in Kenya?

A Dam liner can store water for many years without breaking or leaking it. On average, dam liners normally last for 50 – 100 years while still in good condition. They are easy to lay and install on an excavated place or dam. Due to its flexible nature, spreading and adjoining together does not require technical skills.

Another advantage is the tensile strength and bonding nature that eases the installation and repair process. Due to a high boiling point, they don’t easily melt, and it is therefore ideal to use in harsh conditions.

Dam Liners supplier

How Dam Liners Can Benefit Irrigation Farming

With these quality water conservation solutions, it is possible to store rain, or river water in a dam for a long time. Dam liners will provide a non-breakable surface that will prevent underground seepage of water. As they are waterproof, you will collect a large pool of water that remains on a full level so long as evaporation is prevented.

You can lower evaporation on your dams by building a structure with a shade net covering on the roof to prevent evaporation caused by the sun.

Protective nets also work by preventing sharp objects and stones from falling into the dams as they could damage the dam liner.

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