Cocopeat for Sale : A Better Growing Medium

cocopeat for sale

Cocopeat is an organic occurring substance that is normally obtained out of crushed coconut fibre or husks. Cocopeat for sale in Kenya is available in surplus at affordable prices at Aqua Hub Kenya, the ideal vendor.

What is Coco Peat | Cocopeat for Sale?

As explained above, cocopeat is a growing medium or substance that has water-retaining properties just like soil.

cocopeat for sale

How different is Coco Peat from Soil?

The difference between cocopeat and soil is the water absorption, compactness, colour and PH rate.

Unlike soil, cocopeat is loose and allows maximum airflow in between its particles. It also has a PH of 5.5 to 6.5 compared to that of soil which varies as per the soil type.

The substance is purely organic and has no nutrients thus does not support weed growth. However, it also has a higher capacity to hold nutrients.

How to Make Coco Peat Ready to Use

Raw cocopeat dust is not conducive for direct use in the propagation of crops. It has salts and sand content which need to be removed as they make them unsuitable for crop growth.

Steps to Prepare cocopeat include;

  1. Soaking the cocopeat in water. You need a bucket or tank to soak the cocopeat blocks.
  2. Pour water inside the tank and soak cocopeat dust. The ratio of water to cocopeat should be 1: 5. Crush the cocopeat and insert it inside the tank.
  3. Wash the cocopeat thoroughly and remove the fibres or particles.
  4. Add calcium nitrate to the tank to remove excess nitrogen and calcium salts.
  5. Rinse the mixture 5-7 times and drain water.
  6. Place the moist resulting cocopeat on trays and proceed to plant seeds.

What are the Properties of Our Cocopeat for Sale?

  • The weight of cocopeat is very low and thus makes it easier for sale. Transportation becomes easy as it is packed in blocks and easily transported.
  • Cocopeat does not support the growth and survival of bacteria and fungi thus does not infect crops with fungal or bacterial infections.
  • Cocopeat takes long to disintegrate thus can hold nutrients for a long time.
  • It has a higher ion exchange capacity.
  • Can be mixed with soil or manure to enhance effective use on propagation of crops.
  • Cocopeat is safe for use on the soil or environment. Being an organic substance, it does not release harmful products to the ecosystem.
  • It has higher expansion properties. Cocopeat blocks expands upto 3 times its original weight once the blocks are crushed.
  • It holds a maximum water volume that can equal to eight times its size.
  • Rough and rigid in texture, cannot form mud and thus enhances easier water passage and earlier seed germination.

What are the Uses of Cocopeat?

  1. For starting seeds in greenhouses and protected shade houses.
  2. As a growing media in potted plants and flowers
  3. Mixed with soil to propagate vegetables and other seedlings in beds.
  4. Cocopeat also works as an excellent growing medium in hydroponic planting systems.
  5. Water absorbent for muddy compounds
  6. Soil conditioning

Get Ready to Use Cocopeat for Sale in Kenya

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