Coco peat for Hydroponic Farming in Kenya

Coco peat for Hydroponic Farming

Coco peat for Hydroponic Farming is available at Aqua Hub Kenya at convenient and affordable prices. Make your orders and enjoy delivery services all over the country at affordable costs.

What is Hydroponic Farming?

Hydroponic farming is the cultivation of crops and horticultural products using soilless means such as coco peat, coco noir or peat moss.

What is the Best Medium for Hydroponic Farming?

Coco peat is the best medium to use in hydroponic farming, obviously because of its compatibility with most crops and its environment-friendly nature.

Why is Coco peat Preferred for Hydroponic farming?

Coco peat exhibits high water retention capacity, high volume of dissolved oxygen and nitrogen levels. Additionally, Coco peat is neutral in PH thus making it a leaching free medium for propagation of seedlings and plants.
With a good absorption and drainage capacity, lower Electric conductivity, higher ion exchange rate and bulk size enhances the excellent match for hydroponic use.
Coco peat is resistant to fungal diseases, weeds, and pesticides such as worms that can damage crops.
Similarly, water requirement in coco peat is lower than soil water requirement. This is due to the mulching effect of coco peat.
The inactive component of coco peat medium such as fibres and lignin physically support roots.
Cocopeat has a less soluble organic component called lignin which helps the medium to retain water and enhance effective transport of water in vascular tissues.
The rate of Cation or ion exchange capacity enables more rapid uptake of nutrients.

How to use Coco peat in Hydroponic Farming

  • Before using coco peat, you need to soak it in water for several hours until the block fully soaks water.
  • Add the expanded coco peat to the hydroponic system and allow it to be drained.
  • Plant the seedlings and mature seedlings ready for transplant.
  • Add the appropriate amount of fertilizer. With hydroponics, you can grow any kind of plant.
  • Always check the PH level of coco peat in your potted or seedling beds. You can use lime water to lower PH when necessary.

Where is Quality Coco Peat sold in Kenya?

Aqua Hub is the best and reliable Coco peat supplier in Kenya. We always vendor our coco peat and other hydroponic media on affordable costs.
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