A Guide to Fertigation Systems and their Benefits

fertigation systems

Delivering nutrients to plants using irrigation systems is a modern effective method to lower the cost and wastage of fertilizers. Fertigation systems integrate ways that deliver the needed water for irrigation and nutrients. The supply happens through mixing soluble nutrients and delivering them into the irrigation systems.

Which Irrigation Systems Are Ideal for Fertigation?

The best irrigation methods to supply nutrients to plants are the ones that deliver plants precisely to the root zones.  Drip irrigation systems are the best methods to enhance the effective flow of fertilizers to the root zones of crops.

Button drippers are also effective to use because they deliver equal flow rates to plants in a line.

Benefits of Fertigation Systems in Kenya

  1. Balance in Nutrient Supply – Fertigation systems enhance equal distribution of soluble fertilizers to the farm. The nutrient-rich water is precisely dropped to each plant using driplines
  2. Water Conservation – A lot of water is saved as the irrigation utilized water is also used as an agent to distribute soluble nutrients.
  3. Easier Plant Nutrient absorption – The rate of nutrient absorption is higher due to direct delivery to the plant root zone.
  4. Time and Nutrient Use Reduction – Unlike manual application of fertilizers, the fertigation system lowers the amount needed for top dressing. Less fertilizers goes to waste as the irrigation system is free from leakages.
  5. Environmentally friendly – Fertigation systems are non-biodegradable and safe for use in the environment. The fertilizer application is at the required rate and therefore does not cause soil leaching.
  6. Lowers the Cost of Production – The fertigation systems cut down the cost that could have been incurred in applying fertilizers.
  7. Easy to install and Use – Fertilizer application kits are easy to install and use in the irrigation system. Your equipment vendor often trains you on how to mix fertilizers and use the fertilizer injectors.
  8. There are various range of sizes and options of fertilizer systems available to choose.
  9. The general crop yield improves as it happens that each individual plant produces grows to optimum level.

How to Install Fertilizer Injectors

Installation tips

  • For a proper suction , venturi injectors should be installed in a vertically upward position in the direction of water flow. The direction is marked by an arrow.
  • Installation requires connecting the inlet part to the pipeline and the outlet section to the another pipe. While installing never use pipe fittings smaller than the thread size of the venturi injector.
  • Always use a thread tape to ensure secure seals on the connection between venturi injectors and irrigation pipes.

Venturi fertigation Kit installation tips

  • Insert soluble fertilizer into a tank and pour water. Mix them appropriately using a stick until all the fertilizer dissolves.
  • Insert the suction tube into the fertilizer tank and open the water connection to test whether the fertigation kit works.

How to maintain and Use Fertigation Systems

Fertilizer injectors are prone to clogging, mechanical damage, wear, leakages and uneven fertilizer distribution.

It is therefore essential to regularly check and maintain your fertigation kits for effective fertilizer supply.

The maintenance tips are;

  • Regularly flushing the system to reduce the clogging effect.
  • Supplying the recommended fertilizers through the devices. Some fertilizers may not be soluble enough to be fed into the system
  • Open and clean the system to do away with dirt and other particles that may affect the fertilizer supply.
  • Repair leakages in the suction tubes or main pipes to prevent fertilizer wastage.
  • Ensure a consistent water supply so that fertilizer application can be effective as well as irrigation.

Drip Irrigation Kits and Fertigation Systems Buying Guide

Now that you understand fertigation systems and their benefits, it is ideal to learn how to buy drip kits and fertigation systems.

The available sizes of fertilizer injectors are ½, ¾, 1, 1 ¼ and, 2-inch sizes. The cost depends on the size.

  • 25 mm = KES 2,000.
  • 32 mm = KES 3,000
  • 50 mm = KES 3,600
  • 63 mm = KES 4,500

Suppliers of Venturi Injectors in Kenya

At Aqua Hub Kenya, we offer quality drip irrigation accessories that is inclusive of fertigation systems at affordable prices.

Buy drip kits today and start benefitting from high crop yields and low cost of production.

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